Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, I'm working late tonight to prepare myself for having tomorrow off. I will be taking my Popo to the airport and (maybe) having breakfast with him... Our new furniture will be coming soon so Kent and I have to pack up our old Futon in their truck to store at Mom and Pop-o's until we buy a house.
Ahhhhh, the old Futon...
The site of many firsts. ah-hem.
Its the end of an era, folks!
We are now in the realm of grown-up comfortable furniture. A very big step...
Gone are the days of using a case of beer or a dog as a footstool... Today, Couches Recline!

I'm so looking forward to this.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My loving husband got up and made my favorite breakfast for me: Eggs Benedict. Mmmmmm. Home-made hollendaise sauce is really the best. And to make it extra naughty be melted a slice of cheese under the ham. Oh boy.... Hellooooo heart attack. I sometimes wish I my tastes were less rich but I've always been this way. I try to eat healthy for the majority of my life but when my husband makes me eggs benny am I going to refuse? Hardly.
I had a really lovely weekend. I saw the movie Running with Scissors with my friends. It was one of those movies that sucks you in so much you have a skewed sense of reality when you walk out.
Today, I went to the Chek Slovak village in Cedar Rapids and saw a Christmas fair at the farmers market there. I ate smoked bratwurst with saurkraut and drank spiced cider with Rich, Joshua and Genevieve. We went to Kid'r'us after and looked at toys. I'm shopping for something very special I'm looking into for Madeline but it has to be just right so I'm going to take my time picking it out. I knitted a lot because I'm working on a project for the baby I wasn't supposed to know about (as I've been calling it). It was a full- all for me and none for work- weekend. I love those. Oh yeah, and I got to do one of my favorite things- I went on a dog walk out behind my apartment building (in the wetlands) with my friend JR and his daughter Hannah. There's actually more, too! I sang Karaoke at the American Legion with friends. The songs I sang were:
-Bon Jovi: Livin' on a prayer

-One way or another by Blondie

I had a good weekend. I'm going to finish it off by watching an all new episode of The Simpsons.

Ahhhhhhh... Too bad we have to get off our duffs and work every Monday morning. Ah, it's not so bad. I like my job, too.

Who else had a nice weekend?