Thursday, December 27, 2007

So, I married a Jock...
Kent's X-mas wish list included having all his medals, memorabilia, and general "stuff" from his mother's basement. Since Kent made this request the boxes have been literally POURING into our home and since then I have learned something I only had only begun to acknowledge before... I married a real JOCK! Kent's swimming career went so much deeper than I realized before!
Over dinner this X-mas Elaine and I started talking about Kent and his swimming and I described how much I underestimated it because Kent rarely swims anymore, even on vacations, and he didn't swim in college. Elaine told me the sad story of Kent coming home from his freshman year of college. He was unable to make "a splash" at Iowa State. He thought he was going to be a big swimmer and engineering student there. Somehow, things didn't work out as expected and Kent came home to regroup and "figure out a new plan".
I had a similar conversation with my friend Sara on this very topic of that crucial first year at college. It is dangerous, although rewarding as well, to put so much stake in certain talents. If you are identified too strongly with something it is hard to figure out something else when that doesn't work out for you or when you somehow get lost in the crowd.
Anyhow, I'm having a week where I fall in love again with another part of my husband. I find every so often there is a time when I uncover new deeper reasons to love him as I continually learn more and more about him. This time its a younger part of Kent. I look in these pictures and recognize that same twinkle in his eye he has today.
I've also learned that if this baby will look anything like "Baby Kent" we will have one adorable baby (esp. mixed with a little Obert/Wuennemann good looks). Part of me is glad Kent is not an "in your face and everything up front" kind of person. His stories take awhile to come out and it takes a lot of patience to listen to him... Mom and I laugh about the way Kent tells a story because it usually starts with some statement that makes sense to no one but him. After that he follows up with something starting with, "Well...." then a long story after that. It will probably be one of the only things you hear out of him the whole day (unless your me and then you hear a lot more of them).
Kent was hard to love at the beginning as he fought it kicking and screaming. Then once your in his heart he's even harder to stop loving.
Kent and I will celebrate our first date/kiss on January 1, 2008. It will be seven years.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007...
We are now at the Obert household about to have brecky.
Kent and I spent last night with the Olsons. Kurt, Kent's brother and his new wife had all the combined kids last night (FOUR girls , all puberty age--- Boy, I'm beginning to have new respect for Mike and Mar Moyer, sorry girls) and AJ... FULL HOUSE!
Kent got a X-mas singing Scooby.
My Father-in-law, Duane, received a "bathtub" complete with bubble bath (beans to make farts in the tub), scrub brush, bar of soap, and towel from Kent and I. He said that he needed a bathtub and we gave him the best our money could afford- a galvanized tub.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend in CR
Well, I'm back on line after a weekend at home. I ended up going to Cedar Rapids on Saturday to see my niece and nephew in a Christmas program at Kennedy High School followed by cookies and Hot Chocolate. AJ, as many of you know, is quite a performer and a wonderful singer. His little sister Lindsey performed, as well, with her elementary school. Many of you may remember her singing, "We are Family" at our rehearsal dinner at the Longbranch (my wedding).
Afterwards, Duane and Elaine took me to dinner at Granite City. Duane has one of those electric/hybrid cars. It was freezing rain and the windshields wouldn't melt as fast as the rain was coming down. Needless to say, I feared for my life for a period of time. Dinner was good (I had a Buffalo Burger) and got home safe and sound.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Our first snowy snowy night
I made the holiday drop chocolates last night and finished cleaning the house in lieu of going to Cedar Rapids. It was snowing pretty heavily and conditions were not good for driving. I have learned, however, that multi-tasking and melting chocolate do not go well together. My first batch of "Peanut Clusters" were disastrous and came out looking more like "Peanut Poop"(you know what I'm talking about). They are tasty enough but very unappetizing to look at. I was so frustrated with myself that the "Chinese Noodle cookies" turned out perfect but the recipe made a small batch. The turtles were OK but I didn't heed my mother's advice and dropped them on wax paper... Getting them off the wax paper caused swearing and high blood pressure. Making these holiday goodies was not at relaxing and fun as I anticipated.
The view outside is wonderful right now... Right out of a Christmas card. I REALLY want to go X-country skiing as the snow is light and powdery. I surprised my husband last night. He came home to find I shoveled the sidewalk and driveway. It was nice enough outside and the snow wasn't too heavy. I don't feel very debilitated by my pregnancy at 7 1/2 months. In fact, I feel less so now than ever. My hips and other joints ache all day but I have more energy than ever.
So.... X-country skiing? Bad idea?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday fun
This past week I made holiday spritz cookies and they turned out lovely. I'm planning on making some of those chocolate drop cookies this week too. I will try to post a photograph of them.
I have joined a choir for the holidays called "MetroMix Choir". Its been lots of fun and we have been preparing for a concert at the Englert on December 13th (doors open at 6:30) called "Festival of Carols". There will be cookies and hot chocolate and a reading of The Night Before Christmas as well.
Our tree is up and I'm just really enjoying the season. I will be preparing for the greatest gift of all: our new family member. There is a song we sing called Mary did you Know that gets me all emotional. I can't help but wonder what wonderful things are in store for Kent and I.