Saturday, December 30, 2006

I had another Katy dream adaptation of Florence the other night.
There is a very yummy and regional soup that you can only find this time of year in Florence called Ribolitta. In English is means "Reheated" because the more you use it as leftovers the better it tastes.
I went to this little Tavola calda after class in the winter and had this soup with a side of roasted chicken for lunch with my friends. That's been a hard experience to replicate. It took a long time to find this recipe. However, since the surgance of Rachel Ray its in her cookbooks. You can also find Pasta Carbonara which is "bacon and eggs" pasta- a Roman delicacy. I think that the word Carbonara comes from the family name Carbonari and is a secret society today. Or it could have something to do with the cooking process involving coal. I like the former idea better. Rachel Ray calls it, "Coal Miner's pasta". She's probably right.

Here are the recipes:

-means “reheated” in Italian- soup that tastes better with each reheating. Also, a native Tuscan staple food in the winter time.
1. 2 onions
2. 6 Carrots
3. 4 ribs of celery
4. Fresh Parsley to taste
5. Cubed bread (day old, stale is fine)
6. Curly chard (handful or two- chopped)
7. 4-5 cloves of garlic
8. 5 large tomatoes
9. A heel of parmigiana (grate the actual cheese part for sprinkling on top)
10. Vegetable stock or meat stock
11. 1 lb of white Tuscan beans (Great Northern work fine)
*You can also put in any leftover pasta, green beans, peas, pancetta, and potatoes)

directions: Prepare a lb of white beans (Well washed). Cover w/ water in a stock pot and bring them to a boil. Take them off the heat and let them sit in the water for a couple of hours. Add more water to cover, add seasonings, and simmer until barely done. They should be watched because they ten to become mushy soon after they are done.
Clean and cut into medium dice: Onion, carrot, celery, curly cabbage or chard, garlic, and tomatoes. Mince a bunch of parsley. Saute the onion and carrots in olive oil.
After a few minutes, add the celery, then the chard and the garlic, adding more oil as needed.
Cook 10 min.s then add tomatoes, a heel of parmigiano and the beans. Add enough stock (vegetable, chix, or beef) to cover. Bring to boil, then simmer 1 hr to blend flavors. Add the cubes of bread. Allow to rest for several hours. Add parsley, reheat, and serve w/grated parmigiano on top and olive oil to pass around the table. Finally, add leftovers.
(Makes 15 servings depending on stock)

Pasta Carbonara:

makes 4 generous servings

1 lb spaghetti
a drizzle, plus 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (I like 1st cold pressed *KO)
1/3 lb pancetta, chopped (Italian meat (Bacon) available at deli counter or specialty meats and cheeses section of grocer)
4 or 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped (*KO says do the work and chop it your self - do not buy pre-chopped garlic)
1/4 to 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes, w few pinches, crushed in palm of hand.
1/2 c white wine or chicken stock
2 lg egg yolks or 1/2 pt container of pasteurized egg product
1/4 c boiling water
1/4 cp grated Parmigiano Reggiano chz (2 handfuls) plus extra or passing at table (again- do the work and grate it yourself from an authentic Italian cheese *KO)
a handful of fresh parsley leaves, finely chopped
coarse salt (a must have in every serious food lovers kitchen), to taste
several grinds of black pepper (again no shaker of pepper- you should have a grinder with good peppercorns)

Warning: do not drain pasta until you complete step 3!

1. Place a large pot of water on the stove and when it comes to a rolling boil, add salt and pasta and cook to al dente (to the tooth), about 7 to 8 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, heat a large skillet over moderate heat. Saute pancetta in a drizzle of oil until it browns, 3 to 5 minutes. Add 2 tbls olive oil, garlic and crushes pepper flakes and saute, 2 minutes. Add wine or stock to pan and reduce liquid by half, about 1 min.

3. Beat together egg yolks or egg product, and while whisking vigorously stir in a ladle of the boiling pasta water.

Drain pasta, and add pasta to pan with pancetta and garlic and remove from heat. Add egg mixture, cheese, parsley, salt, black pepper and toss 2 minutes until sauce is absorbed and thickly coating the pasta. Adjust seasonings and serve immediately with extra cheese

Friday, December 29, 2006

As embarrassing as this is for me to post... In light of the Gini essays on G-ma and G-pa O: here is a very early Katy artwork (circa 1990)... Mikey wrote an essay on Grandpa O and I drew them... I think Grandma O would have been happy that I drew her thin (although I wasn't trying to at the time).

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

(this is the same quiz from last year... thought I would repost and cross reference my 2005-2006 with my 2006-07 answers.)
The New Year's quiz
1. what did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?
2005: Plan wedding
2006: Married and Honeymoon!
2. did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
2005:I kept most of them at one time or another. I didn't go to Europe with Kent, however.
2006:I accomplished a few more (I keep a list on the fridge and a few more are checked off).

3. did anyone close to you give birth?
2005:My Cousin Chu had his second baby this year.
2006: My friends Genevieve and Rich had Joshua and Chris and Trish had Madeline
4. did anyone close to you die?
2005:My grandpa Charles Anthony Wuennemann died around St. Patty's day
2006: No, thank goodness
5. what countries did you visit?
2005: Mexico and America
2006: Mexico and America
6. what would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005?
2005: more money and a single job that makes me happy.
2006: More time with Kent (travel)
7. what date from 2005 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
2005: Hurricane Katrina and the poor doggies left in the storm.
2006: September 2nd: My wedding!
8. what was your biggest achievement of the year?
2005: Being a good girlfriend to Kent and trying to be a good friend.
2006: Getting "one job to rule them all!"
9. what was your biggest failure?
2005: Not going to Europe.
2006: Getting into Guitar Lessons and having to bow out after a month because I didn't have time to practice.
10. did you suffer illness or injury?
2005: It was decided that I suffer of depression
2006: A sprained ankle, sprained wrist, and a bout with a digestive virus
11. what was the best thing you bought?
2005: I bought a bike off my friend, Melissa's, Dad.
2006: I got a lot of gifts this year so I didn't buy anything too major. Maybe my Honeymoon...
12. whose behavior merited celebration?
2005: My girlfriend Genevieve and her husband Dr. Rich got knocked up!
2006: Everyone who went to my wedding! Thanks for coming- everyone was a joy to be with!
13. whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
2005: I plea the right to stay silent!
2006: Oh my, this really is an incriminating question. You know who you are...
14. where did most of your money go?
2005: Bills.
2006: Wedding stuff or bills.
15. what did you get really, really, really excited about?
2005: Planning my wedding, the prospect of moving and going to school, seeing my parents.
2006: Getting Married and going on my honeymoon. Quitting the school job and working at Reach.
16. what song(s) will always remind you of 2005?
2005: ?
2006: "Fly me to the Moon" - Frank Sinatra
17. compared to this time last year, are you
i. happier or sadder?:
2005: Happy- horray for medication!
2006: Happier (not due to meds :)
ii. thinner or fatter?:
2005: maybe a little fatter
2006: a little thinner
iii. richer or poorer?:
2005: Approximately the same.
2006: richer (a little)
18. what do you wish you’d done more of?
2005: Traveling
2006: Camping
19. what do you wish you’d done less of?
2005: sleeping. I slept most of 2005 away.
2006: watching TV
20. how did you spend christmas?
2005: With my honey, Kent, warm and cozy.
2006: with Mom and Dad (lots of food and fun!)
22. did you fall in love in 2005?
2005:I am always falling in love again with Kent.
2006: ditto
23. what was your favorite TV program?
2005: Project Runway
2006: Lost
24. do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
2005: No
2006: Sort retrospect
25. what was the best book you read?
2005: Harry Potter #6 was pretty good.
2006: another Douglas Adams book. They are pretty funny
your greatest musical discovery?
2005: That I hate R. Kelly's multi par song "In the closet"
2006: Shakira SHAKIRA!!!
(I don’t know what happened to 27 and 28)
29. what did you want and get?
2005: I wanted a nice place to have a wedding and I got it... wedding still on the way!
2006: a happy and joyous family filled wedding!
30. what did you want and not get?
2005: I generally want too much so I won't bore you with the list.
2006: (shhhhh.... a wedding band)
31. what was your favorite film of this year?
2005: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
2006: maybe "Running with Scissors"
32. what did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
2005: I turned 28. I can't remember. Must not have been too exciting. Unless it was the one where I got the New England travel guide from Andy and JR- In which case I had a nice breakfast at my friends' Melissa and Sarah's house.
2006: Low key again. I think it was a nice european lunch with my friends and dinner with Kent.
33. what one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
2005: Traveling to Europe with Kent.
2006: Ditto
34. how would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2005?
2005: Kinda sloppy. Sometimes i dressed up but mostly I just wore what I've been wearing for the last four-ten years. I don't buy new clothes very often.
2006: Improved... more assecories and a little more razzle dazzle.
35. what kept you sane?
2005: Looking forward to moving, going to grad school, my friends, and Kent.
2006: Knitting
36. which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
2005: Definitly Colin Firth.
2006: Maybe Johnny Depp
37. what political issue stirred you the most?
2005: Hurricane Katrina and the poor doggies that were left in the storm.
2006: Gay Marriage... want my friends to be able to get legally married in name.
38. who did you miss?
2005: My parents in Mexico and Kara in Australia.
2006: My brothers and their kids... after getting a taste of my family I want more of that too!
39. who was the best new person you met?
2005: i think my best new people are the new associates that worked in the same classroom with me, Jessica Gordon and Brian Rath.
2006: Friends from work at Reach.
40. tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2005:
2005: There is no such thing as constructive criticism. To construct is to build up and to cricize is to break down and pick apart.
2006: Stay cool- don't lost yourself to stress.
41. quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
2005: The lyrics to "I'm telling you now" by Keb Mo'
2006: Lryics to "my hips don't lie" - FUN FUN FUN (Chicago's bachelorette party, the wedding, and out with my friends! Also a lot of workouts to my ipod)
Honorable Father in law dressed in his new overalls from Katy.
It was a very special Christmas. Mom kept saying, "Ohhhhhhh! I don't want today to end!"
Christmas is her favorite thing in the whole world second to any grandbabies that come her way...
I had the pleasure of giving some very special gifts as well as receiving a few.

For giving:
I got my honorable father-in-law overalls and a denim hat to match... I will post a pic. His father was Kent's favorite person growing up. He had a farm and kept squirrels (sort of like pets) in the bibs of his overalls and would feed them little things from time to time (as Kent tells the story). He would also get up in the middle of a meal because he thought he heard a rabbit or a raccoon getting into things and shoot his shotgun out at the yard.
Anyway, Duane was delighted by his overalls and hat. He put them on right away. I got down on my hands and knees and I folded up the cuffs to mark where they should be hemmed. I took them to my mom to hem and back to CR on the way home. When we drove up into the Olson's driveway Duane popped out of no where for his overall almost as if he had been waiting for them all morning long.
I got our nephew AJ (you may remember him as the usher at my wedding) a PSP game-thingy. He was confused by our generosity and we had to convince him that he could take it home with him.

For Getting:
Aunt Gini put together a very special collection of Obert memories. The complaint letters made me laugh out loud and a few of the stories choked up tears in my throat. All x-mas morning Dad, Mom and I read excerpts out loud and laughed and shared.
Excellent gift Gini. Good job putting that disclaimer in the front too! Way to stay one step ahead of the game! If someone has a different recollection they can write it in! It would be cool to see all the different versions of the same story.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm addicted to

It started out as an art project where people mailed creative postcards with very personal secrets divulged on them. Now they are scanned into this blog and changed every Sunday.

I haven't mailed a secret in yet...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here is our beautiful sleeping X-mas pup.

isn't she cuuuuuute?

Monday, December 11, 2006

I've spent so much of this last month in a hibernation mode. I don't know if I'm subconsciously self medicating or if I'm just plain lazy but every night I've been coming home, cooking something for Kent, settling into my knitting and my television.
Tonight I did just that once again. However, instead of just watching television I decided to rent movies. I rented "Click"- that one produced by Adam Sandler.
It hit a resonate chord with me somehow. It made me realize that sometimes we live our lives in auto-pilot and before we know it a month goes by, then a year, then five years...
The guy in the movie is so anxious to make life better for himself and his family he fast forwards through the struggle to find that he lived his whole life with only one goal in mind and missed out on love, family, and himself.
I'm 29... I'll be thirty in April.
Its not old but I find that I keep looking to the next, "what's next..." Family? Marriage? Babies? A promotion? A move?
I have parents 45 min.s away. for the first time in about 6 years. My brothers haven't lives close to their parents since about 1990. That would be 16 years.
In that 16 years we have probably spent about 4 months of it as a family. Five of us: Mother, Father, two brothers and a sister.
Every one's life is different and it is what it is. Shit, Kent lives 25 min.s from his mother and father and see them only on holidays. When its all said and done, I wouldn't have it any other way. My brother, Chris, lives a very happy life in Seattle and has a beautiful wife and daughter and lots of family to bother him on a regular basis. My brother Mike also is happily married with a hilarious and joyful son in sunny weather and has a successful career. We are all strong, capable, and complete individuals.
Mom and Pop-o have traveled the world over and have seen many wonderful things.
Pop-o wants us to take a summer vacations in the Rocky Mountains. All of us with each our consecutive families. I guess uploading all those slides to his computer has made him a little nostalgic too...
I told him that I didn't know. That Kent and I were thinking of a trip to Europe. Pop-o said, "I understand, You guys have your dreams" and I smiled.
I think Kent and I may not worry about that for now. There will always be Europe (well, maybe not Venice but Venice smells funny anyway). If everyone is willing then so am I. Who am I to argue with good timing?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, I'm working late tonight to prepare myself for having tomorrow off. I will be taking my Popo to the airport and (maybe) having breakfast with him... Our new furniture will be coming soon so Kent and I have to pack up our old Futon in their truck to store at Mom and Pop-o's until we buy a house.
Ahhhhh, the old Futon...
The site of many firsts. ah-hem.
Its the end of an era, folks!
We are now in the realm of grown-up comfortable furniture. A very big step...
Gone are the days of using a case of beer or a dog as a footstool... Today, Couches Recline!

I'm so looking forward to this.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My loving husband got up and made my favorite breakfast for me: Eggs Benedict. Mmmmmm. Home-made hollendaise sauce is really the best. And to make it extra naughty be melted a slice of cheese under the ham. Oh boy.... Hellooooo heart attack. I sometimes wish I my tastes were less rich but I've always been this way. I try to eat healthy for the majority of my life but when my husband makes me eggs benny am I going to refuse? Hardly.
I had a really lovely weekend. I saw the movie Running with Scissors with my friends. It was one of those movies that sucks you in so much you have a skewed sense of reality when you walk out.
Today, I went to the Chek Slovak village in Cedar Rapids and saw a Christmas fair at the farmers market there. I ate smoked bratwurst with saurkraut and drank spiced cider with Rich, Joshua and Genevieve. We went to Kid'r'us after and looked at toys. I'm shopping for something very special I'm looking into for Madeline but it has to be just right so I'm going to take my time picking it out. I knitted a lot because I'm working on a project for the baby I wasn't supposed to know about (as I've been calling it). It was a full- all for me and none for work- weekend. I love those. Oh yeah, and I got to do one of my favorite things- I went on a dog walk out behind my apartment building (in the wetlands) with my friend JR and his daughter Hannah. There's actually more, too! I sang Karaoke at the American Legion with friends. The songs I sang were:
-Bon Jovi: Livin' on a prayer

-One way or another by Blondie

I had a good weekend. I'm going to finish it off by watching an all new episode of The Simpsons.

Ahhhhhhh... Too bad we have to get off our duffs and work every Monday morning. Ah, it's not so bad. I like my job, too.

Who else had a nice weekend?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Here is the house. Keep it on the DL. Kent takes a lot of convincing on this sort of matter... He wants to buy a crap house, pay it off in five years (Wa?) and then upgrade. I tell him- as first time buyers we should get something we can grow and settle into... Its a buyers market, blah... Everything my friends tell me (don't tell him I said that either). He never reads this thing anyway...
Also I'm working on the top ten ways to approach the subject of baby with your husband. In today's age everyone is on birth control. You really have to screw it up in order to get pregnant. Gone are the days of "Opps, sorry!" You see, that would be so much easier! If I get pregnant its because I tried. Also with BC being so low in hormones, ect... The chances of my doctor telling me I have to get off it are nil... So, Mom and I started a list:
1. "Honey, are we going to talk about having a baby or do you just want to be surprised?"
2. "Do you want to be 90 when your kid's in college?"
Please... Post away with your add ons.. I have a feeling this subject has potential to be pretty funny.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, I can check the Haunted Corn Maize off my list.
I went with the Barron girls, Genevieve and Rich and Sara's sister, Carrie.
Genevieve and Rich brought Joshua to the corn maize which added an extra element of silliness. Baby's first haunted corn maize. He was so cute in his jumper with a hood that looked like cat ears. He was fairly amused until he got hungry. The witch asked if he was going to be the baby to brew in her cauldron. He he.
The chainsaw guy dressed as "jason" was funny... he ran after us with his chainsaw and turned around and cooed at the baby.
There was a part with a bunch of scarecrows. Carrie was joking around that she was going to grab all their crotches to see if any of them were actual people and while she just started to do so- a real guy jumped out before she could get to his crotch.
We did put jamison and vodka in our hot choclates and got a little loopy... Gen was the DD. All in all fun was had by all. We were going to make our way over to the Haunted Barn but the line was over an hour long... Rich was waiting in the car with Josh for that one so we decided it wasn't worth the wait and strain on Rich in the car.
I got home in time to dutifully make dinner for my returning from work husband (pasta with marinara).
We can't wait for our new furniture. We're really moving up in the world! Secretly we also have our eyes on a house on Grant Wood St. (Or not so secretly now). I will try to post a pic of it later.
No more bachelor pad!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Wanna see my monkey?"

I just scanned this one in from Xcaret. Very fun day trip from Cancun. It was very hot and there was an underground river to snorkel through. However, people mostly just bobbed around in there and it was really too dark for snorkeling anyway. But put fins on Kent and just try to keep up! He's an ex-state swimmer and prides himself on being a fish in water. I'm a fine slower swimmer.I just felt bad for the people Kent and I plowed past in there who were just trying to relax! Oh well, it still felt good getting in that cold water on 100+ degree day.

Monday, October 09, 2006

To be off of on-call duty. That's all I'm going to say about that. Other than... I'm not a doctor and I sure as hell don't make money or have had the schooling of one... but being on call for a week at a time is hard.
I didn't realize how much it sucks life from one's soul until I found myself cuddled with my PS2 games just waiting for the next problem to find its way through the dreaded cell phone. Okay, now I'm done.
Kent was getting a little frustrated that I was so useless. To make up for it I've emptied the refrigerator and scrubbed it clean and like new, did the dishes and I'm going to make him steak for dinner.
Its hard for me to say anything about my life that isn't related to work right now...

So I will think of things I do want to do... this fall:

  • Drink mulled wine
  • walk through the Haunted Maize (corn maze set up like a haunted house)
  • drink something hot and spiked out of flask while going through maize
  • walk through haunted barn- get my wits scared out of me
  • make baked stuff
  • go to Kalona and Amana Colonies while the leaves are still bright!
  • Rent a pontoon boat and look at foliage from it while eating a tuna fish sub from Hungry Hobo
  • Sit in new furniture Kent and I ordered due sometime in November
  • go for a bike ride
  • Why does fall always make me want to drink Guinness chase it with Jamison Bailys and eat burgers?

New list to come for winter!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

More honeymoon pics for mom.
In the spirit of the Patrick/grandpa phenomonon I post this love photo.

..Another lovely night in Cancun.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here is me at Xcaret.... hooooooooo... hummmmmmmmm...

Kent and I built a very impressive sand castle on our Honeymoon. We didn't see anyone else building sandcastles but the other people walking on the beach enjoyed looking at it.
I'm always appreciative of Kent when I watch him build things. He is very determined and he can stay focused for hours when he's making something. It reminds me of myself when I'm painting or drawing. His mouth goes agape and his brows furrow.
Very handsome.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Okay Uncle Bernie and Aunt Teri! I'm ready to fish!"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I saw this on a friend's blog and thought it might be interesting what my family's results would be....

Your Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
15% Yankee
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Dixie
0% Midwestern

Kent and I have returned from our honeymoon (last night at about midnight). We had a fabulous time. Here are some of the pictures to illustrate:
Everyday usally started the same. That is wake at 7:30 am, reserve spot on beach with an umbrella, eat a big breakfast, get swimsuit on and lounge on beach until done. I loved that ocean. I had never seen anything remotely as clear and blue and full of aquatic life! We snorkeled in it, bounce around in it and generally enjoyed the veiw and sounds of it. Don't get me wrong- I'm sure there is better ocean beaches and aquatic life out there- I just haven't seen it.

We stayed in one of the biggest resorts I saw in cancun with what seemed to me the biggest and best beach any resort was offering. The resort was all inclusive so we never had to buy a meal. We got reservations for the Brazillian and the Japanese restaurants which had a dress code and a menu so it had the illusion of going out to eat and not stuffing your face at a buffet. Buffets are hard for those of us with a problem with protion control and who eat fast. I made sure to always eat a big plate of salad before diving into anything serious. On the otherhand, Kent did not worry and oinked his way through our vacation with multiple plates full of food. Men... They have it so easy. It was his vacation and normally I'm worrying about him not eating enough so I didn't say anything.
I still think I probably gained up to 10 pounds. I haven't weighed myself yet and don't want to. I have Jenny on Wednesday and will really have to face the reality of 24 hr. of free drinks and food.

Kent and I did find time fore activites and excersize too! We went snorkeling without fins (as they were always, "out" of them due to so many kiddos running around). So that meant more muscle power to swim around the ocean. Also we spent a day at X-caret which if anyone one visits Cancun I would highly recommend. While weighing our choices for a day trip Kent and I liked the idea of someplace that had "underground tunnels" both for swimming and walking as the sun was very hot. I had talked to vacationers coming off buses from some of the Mayan ruins that said they had been to, "Hell and back" as it was so damn hot and long of a day.
X-caret was perfect as its part Zoo, part beach, part historical and part theatrical show! I took pictures on a disposable that I will post later. It was recommended to us by my parents and another couple I know, Sarah and JohnDavid that also went to Cancun for their honeymoon.
We shopped at "La Isla", at the flea market (we mostly just got barked at there), and at a few malls. Kent bought an obsidian skull, a shirt and a hat. I bought a mask that has a Mayan face (mask) which is split into young, old and skull. I think its fascinating that the same themes such as this one carry throughout ages and regions. I also got some gifts for co-workers who helped out my caseload while I was away, a gift for Madeline, a hand embroidered shirt ( I wanted the Frida Kahlo big white dress: mostly because I thought it would be fun to wear when I get pregnant but settled on the cheaper one that was just as beautiful), and I bought a Cubano. Some other knick knacks too but I can't remember.

Lastly I want to say thanks to all of you who helped us out so generously at the wedding. I was so amazed at the love everyone put into our weekend. It really made Kent and I feel so good and relieved to have that kind of love and support. Every couple should be blessed with the kind of family I was so proud of at my wedding. I was really proud and happy to have all of you there! Sorry to those of you who couldn't make it- We love and missed you and thought of you. You were in our hearts.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Smoking and Health Resolution

Alright, I felt bad about the whopper and the chinese food. I went for a run tonight and exfoliated my skin. I'm on the road to recovery... Its amazing the difference you feel when you stop working out. I will drag my ass out of bed tomorrow and continue to steer clear of sleeping-my-life-away-junk-food-eating-Telly-watching-no-good-lifestyle.
I will also try to monitor drastically a very natsy habit that I have been forming at my new job of turning occasional smoking during nights out with the girls into joining co-worker-smokers outside every hour for a break of smoking and talking and then carry that over to non-working hours adding up to a whole day of smoking like I'm a chimmney. I will not smoke unless I'm drinking. Smoking is a very nasty habit that I have been lucky enough to turn off and on at my discretion my whole life. I do enjoy smoking now and then but prefer not to, escpecially do not find smoking in the company of non-smokers necessary.
Kent, on the other hand, does smoke... around smokers or non. He needs it or is hell to live with. I hope when he finally does quit we are able to stay together. Usually, when he tries to quit - he's such a bear to live with I almost feel relief when he gives up. That's the horrible truth of that. When we have a baby I'm sure we're really going to have to nail this topic down. I do not want my babies first thoughts to be, "when can I get my hands on some of those ciggerettes like mom and dad?". I think when kids are around smokers they definitly want it earlier.
Well, that just turned into a smoking topic. I hope you enjoy. I know many of my friends and family struggle with smoking. Some of us truely enjoy it and some of us need it so much we don't even remember enjoying it.

This is what the chapel will look like as you are driving up to it. Its in the middle of nowhere. I'm getting pretty excited. I just need to remember to breath (or something). I have been talking to a lot of people either at work, or my clients and their parents, or friends and they all want to know... "Are you nervous?" "Are you excited?"

I feel the same thing I felt before going to Italy for a year. I feel nothing. I'm going through the motions and just, "Doing it"... I'm tired a lot lately. That should change now that I'm done with work until after Cancun. I was running around so much. I feel emotional a bit more. I feel confident.

I need to get back into a workout routine. I have been out of it for about a week now. I've also been off my diet. I guess you could say I hit a brick wall with everything.

So today I ate a Whopper *gasp*. Yesterday I had Chinese (opps).

I'll get back on the wagon. I'm usually a very motivated person but when I convince myself that I'm tired then its all bets off. Now I just need to convince myself that I'm not tired anymore.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, folks. I choose my wedding date because September has the most clear days of all the months in Iowa.
The weather for my grand event? Cold... Rainy... shit.
So to all you lovely people whom I hold so dear that live in sunny weather. Don't let me catch you complaining of crappy Iowa weather. I will be full aware how crappy it will be and very disappointed that it wasn't a gorgeous day. Crap. Crap. Crap.
More Argh.
On a lighter note:
I got my hair dyed today and I don't have roots showing anymore. Hooray for no dark roots.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Last night I had a very peculiar dream:
I dreamt that I was with my friends (Melissa and Sara) and their children. We flew off to a remote location where there was sand and blue water. We were jumping off what looked like a theatre stage into the water. We were enjoying ourselves until I started to bump into strange coils of snake skin. I started to feel fear.
I got out of the water and looked down into the water. I saw huge snakes swimming up and smacking the surface of the water and then dipping down and coiling and gliding through the water. I looked over to see little Mae jump into the water and then disappear with her momma Melissa. I woke up with a start at that point.
What the HELL?!?!?!?
In the words of Samuel L. Jackson: "I've had it with these Mother' snakes on this Mother' PLANE!
Except in my case in my mother' dreams...
For those of you wondering about my wedding: things seem to be fine. I have some anxiety about everything. I got things done at work for the most part. I will be happy when Wednesday comes and I can focus on the wedding and myself fully. And! I can't wait for that honeymoon in Cancun.
Can't wait to see you all!

Well, My big brother (who sometimes felt like a little brother to me :>) is now a Papa. Madeline Sophia Obert is the luckiest little girl in the world to have a daddy who will dote on you the same way he doted and was fasinated in his little baby sister, Katy. I talked to him today and he was that same cute little guy who used to hug me and play with me back in Beaver Dam. I knitted Maddie some booties to keep the newest pair of Obert feet warm.

Momma Trish seems happy and healthy. She said that Maddie is relentlessly hungry (marathon eater). The Italians would be very impressed with her (also another family trait).

I'm shouting out all my love over this country of ours that seems much to big these days. I will do my best to visit my new niece before she gets too big. I hope you can hear me!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My upstairs neighbor who just moved in plays electric guitar without his headphones and with his amp.
He is an awful guitar player. All he plays is "House of the Rising Sun (Son?)" Over and over and over morning (We're talking 6 am), noon and night.
He is playing it right now.
He is very irritating. I will go take a double dose of my anti-depressant now.
P.s. it is a gorgeous day in Iowa today and there are so many wildflowers in the prairie around my apartment you would think you were plopped in the middle of a cartoon.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I hurt my foot and am very grumpy.
Many days of exercise and fun are slowly escaping down the drain because of it.
I went to occupational health and waited...
I got into a room and waited so long I fell asleep and took an undisturbed nap, woke up and then waited some more...
They sent me to get X-rays and I waited....
I was sent back to occupational health and was told that there is a chip on my ankle bone but it looks old so I have to come back in a week and wait some more.

I was slightly rude and actually wandered/limped out into the hallway and hollered, "Did anyone forget about me in here?!?!"

So I'm on mobility restrictions and have to wear a brace.

Argh... This annoys me.

You know what else gets my goat? When people don't sign off "love" on letters. It totally ruins the card or letter for me. It's just my thing.
I made Kent start signing cards to family members with "Love". He does it all the time now and everytime he does it- I smile because it takes so little effort to show that affection for someone who doesn't like displays of that sort of thing.

So remember, "LOVE- so and so" Afterall, the Beatles said it, "All you need is love."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK, People... I have a gianormous mysterious white dress hanging in my living room. How am I supposed to keep myself from wearing this for Kent in the next month. It's so fun to wear. I feel like that Friends episode where Phoebe and Rachel lounge around the apartment eating bon-bon in full wedding dress attire.
At least I get to look pretty for no reason tomorrow. I have my "bridal sitting". Apparently, its very important to document the way I look right now at 29 before I lose my looks. Bah! Listen... I'm only gonna get better folks! It will be fun.
I had my practice hair-do day yesterday. I woke up with a hangover from the product in my hair this morning. I actually took a shower before my workout with hope that my headache would go away. Or maybe it was all that eyeliner.... Or maybe it was the gin?... I mean, WHO KNEW!?!?!?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Today I a brand new black Member's Only jacket for sale in the juniors department at Von Maur. I couldn't believe my eyes. I showed it to my friend, Sara and she didn't know what it was. I'm still reeling from it. It was at least $50, to boot. Is fashion getting so tired that they have to start recycling patterns for Members Only jackets?

Anyway, My life is just rolling and rolling. Last weekend was my bridal shower. I just read in a Wedding magazine mother's shouldn't throw showers and I made my momma throw me mine. They said it looks like the mom is soliciting for gifts. So if there is anyone out there who thinks that... Its all my fault. I thought mother's were supposed to do it because my friend's mother did hers. My bad.

Its funny the things you'll read in these wedding magazines... They are like the bible- you can find what ever point you want to make as long as you look long enough and interpret it just so.

Next weekend is my Bachelorette Party. I'm pretty siked about it. We are going to Chicago and attending a show at The Baton Lounge which has Drag Queen Shows. It should be a great weekend.

Next week I practice hairstyles with my hair stylist, I pick up my wedding dress and then on Thursday I have my "bridal sitting" with our photographer. That means that day I get all made up like on my wedding day- that should be interesting.

I've been exercising and dieting. So far I've lost 15 well needed lb.s. I'm just about where I was before I got too fat to fit into my clothes. Now I can start looking better than I did just three or so years ago. My momma and I always think its funny how no matter how thin you are/were you are never satisfied and want to look different and when you look worse than you did when you were miserable before you wish you looked like you did then... Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I've got a lot to get together. I admit I've been neglecting my to-do lists in lieu of outdoor activities and making myself look prettier. I should look at those soon.

I got an e-mail from a cousin asking if it was too late to suggest songs and the answer is "absolutely Not!" please feel free to write me song requests!

Well, I thought I'd just update ya'll a bit.

I'll try to continue posting during this last month... Eck!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Here are some pictures from the last time our family spent Christmas together whole... I just found these pictures and thought they were neato.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I finally got the pictures from Gia's reception back.
Here are the Italy girls (that's me on the right).
Note to readers: I'm working on that little tire around the middle so don't expect to see too much of it at the wedding :)!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day, Pop-o... Thanks for teaching me when to put a cork in it...
Love, Katy-Did

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back to wedding business again...
I wanted to post another offer for anyone coming to my wedding to request a song... I want to put together a nice list... Think of it this way...
If I request it it will for sure be played but its more of a gamble and a pain in the ass to request while your having fun dancing.

Today I took JR and Genevieve to Heart to Heart. Gen's dress is really nice and I'm so glad JR was able to get fitted today. All the kiddos were there and everyone did such a nice job in the store. Jr's daughter tried on her dress and she has shot up in height since she last put on the model dress and... Wow... does she look lovely.

Spending time with her makes me think of Kurt (my future brother in law) and his kiddos... The girls (Lindsey & Lauren) and their brother AJ have been in Jamacia and we didn't even know if they would be able to attend the wedding or be stateside. I will find a special place for them at our wedding, too. I think I'll post a picture of them since I'm thinking of them... (the pic is from the day before our engagement... Christmas Eve, 2004).

Today was my first day on the Jenny Craig diet. The food is good and it satisfies. I had to go grocery shopping to get my fruits and veggies. Its a lot of investment so I hope it pays off. I'll continue to post to update how I like it and about my progress.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Block of Hotel Rooms- Reposted
I reserved a block of 40 rooms at the Best Western Longbranch Hotel & Con - (319) 377-6386 - 90 Twixt Town Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

The rooms I reserved at mostly poolside with the option of non-poolside for a cheaper rate (one or two bed). I reserved mostly non-smoking rooms but all anyone has to do is request smoking. Guests only need to ask for the Olson/Obert block to reserve a room at the wedding rate. Kent and I have also reserved our honeymoon suite here. I plan to also have the sunday brunch for gift opening the next day in this hotel. I will reserve an alternate, more economical, alternative when we find one that is the most accessible to this, original, hotel. (Hasn't happened yet... let me know if anyone has already found themselves an alternative and I will join more rooms to that)
You should be able to pan the map over on the link and see how close this hotel is to the reception. A part of the bar has been reserved for our party afterhours. There will be some karaoke for those who dare! The Sunday Brunch for those who want to hang out, eat quiche and watch us open gifts are welcome to join us by the pool until further notice.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Here us a pic of Chris and I in Ireland. His birthday is coming up in a week or so...
He is a good brother who has always looked out for me. He always loves me back even after I've been a super bitch to him (he may make sure I never live it down, however).
Anyway, he won't be coming to the wedding even though I've been praying for some kind of miracle which enables him to have a healthy baby, support his new family, and make it to my wedding... I'll be thinking of him, nonetheless.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Due Day has past for RSVPs!Liquor... Age appropriate showers... and everyone has got their dress...
I just realized when I got my Grandma's RSVP today with a note that said, "Sorry its late," that our due date has past for RSVPs.
So just a shout out to anyone that hasn't gotten theirs in to drop it in the mail ASAP so we can order up alcohol, drinks, and food for everyone and start organizing. I meet up with the rental agency on Thursday to figure out what the layout of the lodge is going to be. A lot of that will depend on how many tables we will be putting out. The more people coming the more stuffed in we will be.

So, get 'em in! Thanks to everyone who got back to us so promptly! Can't wait to see everyone.
Pop-o, Momma and I went and bought the wine. All the alcohol is going to be out of the Amana Colonies. Pop-o is looking into getting the almond flavored champagne which he loved. I trust his palette because usually it agrees with mine... dark beer, red wine, dark chocolate, and salt- pretty simple. Of course we like other things too but when it comes to the finer things- we usually agree. Anyway, I don't usually like champane. Its usually not really champane but a sulfuric, yeasty version of a Zin or fizz sweet wine. I do not enjoy sweet wine unless its over 100 degrees outside, the wine (if you want to call it that) is ice cold, I've been working out in the yard all day, and I'm dying of thirst, and I have a really nice plate of seafood in front of me.
Momma got her dress. I will refrain from posting a pic of it so that she can reserve an air of mystery of what she's going to look like. I will say that I think she should go and find a nice sweeping hat to top it off. I will also say that the color is "dusty rose".
I also saw the flower girl's dress... so adorable. Her Momma's found it at Dillards. It is off white with a shirt that has two tiers of chiffon with little petals encased in the chiffon. It also has a sash of chiffon with petals encase there too! I can't wait to see it. Mae (that's her name) decided that she needs to go down the aisle in a carriage like Cinderella. I can't wait to see her in all her glory. I do believe she may upstage the Bride! That Mae...
Next on the wedding agenda is the wedding shower. Mom is throwing one for me in Cedar Falls. I know it will be fun to get some of us all together and do some wedding preparation but I can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable about having this be a gift getting thing. Isn't the wedding enough in this day in age? I think so. I think we are going to make it a "travel" themed shower. I know this is supposed to be normal but it can get a little excessive with all the things that go on before a marriage. I guess since I've been with Kent for so long and he's 35 and I'm 29 years old it isn't like we're a couple of spring chickens setting out in the world. We've been forging our way without the fanfare thus far and to do all the same things that the 19 year olds or the kids in their early 20s seems a bit odd. What do you guys think is the appropriate route to approach all this wedding business? Go all traditional or adjust it according to our age?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Marriage licenses and Bad Jobs...
Well, thank you for staying with me through a few weeks of blog neglect. Kent and I applied for our marriage license last Friday. JR (William) was our witness. It was kinda funny because Kent and I were dressed very casual. I had my hair in pigtail braids and a shirt covered in gesso and paint from helping my brother paint in nursery in Beaver Dam (long ago). Kent was in his usual attire... Grey shirt with pocket, strap on shoes, and khaki shorts. JR with his generous and thoughtful heart spent the morning convincing his kids to get dressed up. As for JR, he showed up in nice pants with belt, nice dress shirt tucked in and properly bathed, shaved and groomed. I don't think I even took a shower.
So you can imagine his reaction to seeing us.
We got up to the Town Hall and Jr asked, "So where's your camera?"
I hadn't even thought of it...
It turned out we weren't even at the right building so I vowed to go to a gas station and buy a disposable. While applying for our license to get married we snapped away pictures of the process and our notary. JR's kids were so well behaved they just hung out and read their books. His daughter is reading the
babysitter Club one of my favorites back in the day. It made me miss being her age. She's growing up beautifully and is so much fun to be around.
I will post the pictures of the process as soon as I get them developed.
Also checked off my list of things to do...
I bought AJ and Mikey's ties for their suits. I need to shop on-line for Patrick's tie, too. They are really nice ties by DNKY- Really sharp and the exact right color.
I also bought a new purse on that shopping trip. I have begun taking all my fashion advise from my Maid of Honor- Genevieve. She was the one that told me black and white strips are in. She advised me to buy a white purse. I really like my white purse but sometimes I think it is the color of an old lady's purse. It has silver studs and a sequined buckle to jazz it up, however.

Today Kent and I both have the day off by some stroke of fate. Kent gets one day off a month at his new job. Otherwise its mandatory overtime... I think something is fishy here... Are there laws being broken by never giving employees days off. Kent is unable to plan ahead any holidays or schedule anything for days off. For example, he just found out for sure that he would have today off - yesterday. The warehouse he works at is a poor working environment. In fact, workers are so disgruntled that one of them actually took a dump in the hallway when no one was looking! I guess he felt so shit upon he wanted to shit on them right back. I thought this whole thing is getting to be just ridiculous. There is no air conditioning. Employees are so overworked they are hurting themselves either by the wear and tear of their bodies working so much or by making stupid mistakes from exhaustion- therefore not only are they putting themselves in danger they are also putting the other employees in danger.
I just fed my poor guy his favorite breakfast of pancakes and he's taking a nap with Olivia right now. My stomach clenches up when I think of his quality of life outside of home. I want his to be happy and to see him suffer drives me crazy. I get thoughts of going over to his place of business and really giving it to the Human Resources Dept. or I think about going to speak to a lawyer. Mostly I want to act out to vent all my frustration with this new job of his. As least he brings home the bacon but for what? He buys legos because that's all he has time and energy to do when he's not at work. Who knows maybe this whole thing will pan out to be hidden gold but I feel for Kent in the meantime.
As I said earlier- I will post pictures from Gia's wedding and from the license extravaganza as soon as I get them. Until then- keep Kent in your prayers that he may find a job that brings him a sense of challenge and happiness.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Its memorial day- Kent is napping- and I'm taking internet quizzes. Oh, and I just watched TransAmerica and loved it. The actor playing the son is a modern day River Phoenix. I love him.

Take the quiz:
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Its been awhile since I actually wrote about things. I suppose life has been moving and swirling around me so much I haven't had time to sit and reflect. This blog is my oppertunity to do just that... At least that's how I started with it.
Gia had her wedding reception/party this weekend. I posed for a picture with two of my roomates from Florence. The above picture is a similar one taken about 6 years ago. It was a nice feeling but it really put a lot in perspective. I'm wearing about 30 extra pounds since those days... All the higher thoughts I was working on then are pushed out of my head by thoughts of bills, work, money, wedding, and emotional survival. I live for a bigger community of people than I did back then. My goal when I set off was to understand and gain perspective on my self. I did it, then what did I do with it... Hmmmmm...
I have good things to live for today. My love- Kent, my family- Momma, Popo, my friends and all their children who call me Aunt Katy (my heart swells when I get a smile from them), the people I work for... I love my network of people who boost me and ground me at the same time.
I think my real need is simply a creative outlet. My Momma pointed that out a week ago while we were shopping for fabric. She's right... but I don't even know where my niche is anymore in the creative world. I love talking pictures with my camera. I think that might need to be my first step. Simply to carry it everywhere. Find what images are tripping my trigger...
I'm motivated somedays by food and I know this. When I don't feel good I will eat to feel better no matter what the occasion. I need to find a healthier motivation. I need to mold my psychology away from that compulsive eating and into the healthy and active livestyle. I know the more I worry about what I'm going to eat the more I will sabotage my diet. Anyway, I have a lot to think about.... Greg Brown, one of my all time favorite musicians wrote my current favorite song. At the risk of looking like I huge dork I'm going to write down the lyrics to his song, "Worrisome Years".

And the worrisome years--over the hill
I thoght it's supposed to get easier to pay your bills
I got nothing to show but a worrisome heart
Can ya please tell me--when does the good part start?
I done like they told me, I done like I should
Ever since I started, I's trying to make good
trying to make a good life for my family
but I can't buy any stuff the kids want from TV
I think about leaving--but where would I go?
How would I get there? I don't know
I took my stand here--I don't want to roam
This old town ain't much but it's all I know of home
I look at Cheryl--she looks at me
We don't talk no more about our dreams
We don't have no fun the way we used to do
Don't be disappointed in me baby
I ain't disappointed in you
And the worrisome years--over the hill
I thoght it's supposed to get easier to pay your bills
I got nothing to show but a worrisome heart
Can ya please tell me--when does the good part start?

I think I love Greg Brown because like the artist he is he strikes that resonant chord in all our hearts when he writes those chords and those lyrics. That is the one element I have always said good art give to me.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Futurama Charactar are you?


Scruffy...the Janitor.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome Joshua Spencer Nelson! We are so happy you are here!

Joshua was born May 12th, weighed 6 lb. 1.5 oz. Congratulations Genevieve and Rich.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day Momma! I love you!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here we are! Team Badonkadonk... Walkin' for heart. That was a fun day.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Your Love Element Is Water

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You attract others with courage and confidence.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here they are! Gia Gifford and John Peacock were pronounced Husband and Wife in Jamacia (I'm not sure of the exact date). Congrats! Everybody's doing such exciting things these days! I can't wait for the party!

Monday, April 24, 2006

What is the name of those short and tall containers for Jello and pudding? Where does one find them? I tryed tupperware but couldn't find them... maybe they are called parfait cups or something. The top part connects to a little stand... they're made of rubber or plastic... I want to register for some but can't find them anywhere. Please help!

Like I said previously about Genevieve's Shower- There was a lot of really awesome food! Doesn't Vive make a cute pregnant lady? Below is a picture of the expectant mother with her hosts: The Friends of Iowa City (aka FOIC). Not pictured here is the other people who worked so hard on the food and success of the shower: Leticia Domingo (aka Tita Leti),Ophelia Bello, Susanne and Rick Nelson. Isn't Vive so lucky to have people who love her so much? I recently got word of Chris and Trish's baby shower registry... I wish I could be there to help throw their baby's shower and make it special for them, too. Kent and I will have to pick out something real nice for them.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Let it be known that I think Jeremy Piven is a hottie. I have thought so since I saw him in PCU (one of the funniest movies of all time). I think that Kent sort of looks like him. What do you think?
Hey all!
Well its about 4 pm on Sunday and I'm finally getting dressed and ready to go our of my apartment. I hate when that happens! You feel like you lost a whole day. I'm just telling myself that this is about the time when I'd be getting out of work and going for a walk so its really not so bad.
I did get up at 8 am if that counts for anything!
Yesterday was Genevieve's baby shower. She's supposed to be having a boy. They've had a hard time choosing a name but they seem to have agreed upon Joshua. I'm sure he'll be a nice sweet boy no matter what he's named and we'll all love him to pieces. So she's due within the next month sometime. There was lots of awesome food! Kebabs, eggrolls, Punsit (sp?, my favorite Filipino noodle dish- all made by Ophelia and Tita Leti), lots of fruit (compliments of me) and desserts (Susanne Nelson)! What a damn good spread! I'll post some of Genevieve's pictures as soon as she gets them developed (I was put in charge of the camera and ended up taking about 3-4 rolls of film- opps!). Melissa, Sara, and JR, worked on almost everything else! The big project of the shower is a quilt that Sara is working very hard on. All the guests colored squares for the baby with animals on them. I like Daddy Nelson's the best. He made his lion into a "sea Lion"! Very cool. I think it was a success!
Last night Kent and I registered for our wedding. He was let off of work around 6 pm so we went to
Dillards and Target. We had a good time. There are a lot f spoiling items on there we will probably not get. The only items Kent was excited for were the picnic basket, "magic bullet" and the kitchenaid mixer and attachments. Everything else was pretty much my doing. It was fun. I can see how it could be a bit addicting. You get to really shop and look at things like you were going to own them, do something that makes them yours (in a way), and then walk away without overdrawing your accounts (very fulfilling!).
There were dishware and flatware items that Dillards doesn't carry that we had to register for directly with
Lenox. I hope that doesn't get to confusing. We're going to talk to them about it and see if they can't get them in for us. Who knows.
Well, I owe my little Olivia a nice walk so I should get to it while the sun is up and shining brightly.
p.s. work is going really well. I have my own desk! Maybe I'll take a picture of it to share. I also have my first business cards! Keep praying for me because they keep telling me this job gets more difficult the longer you do it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Need to Know Basis!
Muahahahaha! Another family member has joined us in our blogging! Chris is the most computer savy Obert and he has yet to create a site for himself! I think it is crucial that he start us one! Also, I'm hoping some of those Moyers in Cali get on board... and the Cinci Oberts... and my IC friends... and Gia... and Kara... and Katie D... Well, basically I want everyone to provide me information on a daily basis of what is going on in their world. I must know!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

unfortunately, this is as big as this picture gets but... Isn't my friend Kara in Australia cute?!!?
Today was my first official day at the new job... Also, today is my first official day of allergy season. I took generic allegra so I hope it kicks in soon. Anyway, other than the allergies, today went very smoothly. Nothing to complain about. I feel like fine about things. Still trying to get a hold on everything and all the people.
There are a lot of smoke breaks at this new job so I'll have to keep from getting in the habit of smoking (smoking is no good for allergies, neither). It was fun and the people are great. I think things will be fine.
Anyway, I have lots to do and I want a nap too so I better get to it.
Today was a good day. You know why? I started my new job, I got wedding RSVPs in the mail, AND Kent went grocery shopping! Also, notice the new blog in my links... Mike and Angie made a Blog!

Friday, April 14, 2006

My love and prayers go out to Sara B.'s family as they get through this hard time...
Yesterday's fortune cookie:

"They cannot take away your self respect if we do not give it to them."

Lucky numbers 19, 28, 35, 20, 4, 17

Baseball: Bang qui (Chinese)

Iowa City got ripped open by a tornado last night. Everyone is pretty shook up but we're all fine. I think we are sad to see our beautiful town torn to shreds. Many businesses are suffering today and people are everywhere trying to pick up the pieces. I'm happy that all my loved ones were safe (still waiting to hear back from a few people). Find pictures here.
On a happier note, my brother Christopher found out they will be having a baby girl. They want to name her Madeline Sophia Obert (I may have spelt that wrong). I couldn't help but feel like Chris and his new baby girl is a little bit responsible for this crazy weather. Its sort of a running joke that Chris makes the weather go nuts (from various visits where he brought storms with him, ect). Maybe Chris' good news also brings storms with it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today I'm dreaming of vacationing in Florence and Greece. I was wandering around this website. I really miss speaking Italian and being in Italy lately.... Hooooo Hummmmmm.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm going to do another walk on April 29th for Hospice. I am not going to be as pro-active about this one but I'm excited about it nonetheless. Here is the web page about it if anyone wants to join me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Here is Kent and I at Cafe Dodici in Washington, IA. Aren't we adorable. Dinner was fabulous and I got to speak Italian with the owners and they invited me back to talk some more. It was really fun. Pop-o and I shared two bottles of Toscolo (an Italian Chianti). I have more pictures to share but I'll have to share those later.
My dress is the dress I was going to wear to my Rehearsal Dinner. I may still get to wear it but things may be too casual for it. We're still working on that one.
We went dancing afterwards at The Speak Easy. That was really fun and I even danced in HEELS!!! Can you imagine my size 12s in heels?
It was four people's birthday celebrations that night- Kent, Sara B. and her mother Deb, and myself. We all had a GREAT time!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today is my birthday and we had una Festa Italia Castora (How Laurie translates the party of the Italian Beaver). Kent came and we ate Lasagna, cheese, breadstick, Olive Garden salad, and we watched Lady and the Tramp.... "This is the night... a most beautiful night....". Merrill brought me Bruschetta! Then we had angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert. VERY exciting. By the way, Laurie brought us Krispy Kremes for breakfast (I knew I didn't eat breakfast for a reason). At least I worked out this morning. I'm not sure it will cover the 4 doughnuts, 2 p. of lasagna, 2 breadsticks, brushcetta, juice, cake, and salad I have eaten so far today. Not to mention I get to take leftovers home!