Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just want everyone to be pulling for my Grandma! Some of you may remember her from my wedding as the old lady shredding up the dance floor! She's having a bit of a hard time with her health and no matter what higher force you all believe, please send something out there for her to get better... She's been steadfast and strong for so long. Send her and the people there with her your love... it's one of those moments when we need to share some strength.

My Brother-in-law Kurt got remarried to Kim on October 5th!
Congrats to the new Couple. Thier wedding was very nice and casual. We all drove down to Arkansas to support him. In fact, Kent and I stuffed ourselves in Duane and Elaine's mini-van with Kurt's kids, Lauren, Lindsay and AJ... It was a full ship! That was the first "family" car ride I have experienced since I was probably... Oh... 10 years old or so. 24 hours in a car full of Olsons... priceless. Thanks to all the Arkansas people who put us up for the that couple of days!