Friday, November 30, 2007

My New Hobby
Just wanted to let you all my new favorite thing to do is cuddle in my bed listening to NPR and doing a crossword puzzle. Surprisingly, I'm not knitting. However, I am nesting so the rest comes after a vigorous cleaning of the household- organizing drawers, scrubbing floors, laundry cooking, baking and dishes.
Doctor Visit
Yesterday, I visited my doctor. My friends tut-tut me because I'm not going to a specialized OB. Anyway, I like my doctor because she has a real laid back approach. I'll be going every two weeks now. The baby seems to be a persistent breech which means I may get that third ultrasound yet. Still no good specific word on the sex of the baby. Maybe I'll be in a "go get 'em - I want to see the doctor of this place" mood next time and insist on a professional word from the doctor. I hate getting second rate care from techs. Last time the tech gave me a mouth full of information that was (as my doctor put it) wrong and that she shouldn't have done that. Must be hard when the patient doesn't even get to see/talk to the doctor.
Anyway, the appointment went well and she estimated the baby a little "longer" than average. The heartbeats were normal but on the lower side (some say this is a sign that its a boy). I know the "tech" told me she things its a girl but I still can't help wondering if its a boy...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Internet Dilemma
Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving and Happy birthday to my sister-in-law and brother. Kent and I are negotiating an internet plan at the moment so I am unable to check e-mail or blog unless I'm at work.
I want to ditch dial up and our home phone to opt for a cable internet service. Kent wants to get a cheap dial up that would add to our monthly costs. I don't think its worth it and the only calls we get on our home phone are from telemarketers.
So, let the peace talks resume.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Kent and I had a quiet night at home receiving trick or treaters. Our yard, ala Momma Obert, was decorated for the occasion. I had to dress in a costume for school that day but promptly took it off upon arrival home as my belly buldge was making me uncomfortable in the clothes I scraped up in my closet for a pirate costume. There is photographic evidence of that costume- However I am not in possession of it. Olivia wore her "ladybug" costume. We got to see Hannah, Damond and Quincy, Liam and Mae and last but not least Josh in his Elmo costume. I forgot to take pictures of the former children (Sorry!). They were all adorable! We did get a few "Older" trick or treaters... I think one of them was about thirty with her daughter. We had plenty, if not too much, candy and low turnout so I gave the "older" ones candy nonetheless (and No, JR, Melissa, and Sara I'm not talking about you guys!). Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!