Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Smoking and Health Resolution

Alright, I felt bad about the whopper and the chinese food. I went for a run tonight and exfoliated my skin. I'm on the road to recovery... Its amazing the difference you feel when you stop working out. I will drag my ass out of bed tomorrow and continue to steer clear of sleeping-my-life-away-junk-food-eating-Telly-watching-no-good-lifestyle.
I will also try to monitor drastically a very natsy habit that I have been forming at my new job of turning occasional smoking during nights out with the girls into joining co-worker-smokers outside every hour for a break of smoking and talking and then carry that over to non-working hours adding up to a whole day of smoking like I'm a chimmney. I will not smoke unless I'm drinking. Smoking is a very nasty habit that I have been lucky enough to turn off and on at my discretion my whole life. I do enjoy smoking now and then but prefer not to, escpecially do not find smoking in the company of non-smokers necessary.
Kent, on the other hand, does smoke... around smokers or non. He needs it or is hell to live with. I hope when he finally does quit we are able to stay together. Usually, when he tries to quit - he's such a bear to live with I almost feel relief when he gives up. That's the horrible truth of that. When we have a baby I'm sure we're really going to have to nail this topic down. I do not want my babies first thoughts to be, "when can I get my hands on some of those ciggerettes like mom and dad?". I think when kids are around smokers they definitly want it earlier.
Well, that just turned into a smoking topic. I hope you enjoy. I know many of my friends and family struggle with smoking. Some of us truely enjoy it and some of us need it so much we don't even remember enjoying it.

This is what the chapel will look like as you are driving up to it. Its in the middle of nowhere. I'm getting pretty excited. I just need to remember to breath (or something). I have been talking to a lot of people either at work, or my clients and their parents, or friends and they all want to know... "Are you nervous?" "Are you excited?"

I feel the same thing I felt before going to Italy for a year. I feel nothing. I'm going through the motions and just, "Doing it"... I'm tired a lot lately. That should change now that I'm done with work until after Cancun. I was running around so much. I feel emotional a bit more. I feel confident.

I need to get back into a workout routine. I have been out of it for about a week now. I've also been off my diet. I guess you could say I hit a brick wall with everything.

So today I ate a Whopper *gasp*. Yesterday I had Chinese (opps).

I'll get back on the wagon. I'm usually a very motivated person but when I convince myself that I'm tired then its all bets off. Now I just need to convince myself that I'm not tired anymore.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, folks. I choose my wedding date because September has the most clear days of all the months in Iowa.
The weather for my grand event? Cold... Rainy... shit.
So to all you lovely people whom I hold so dear that live in sunny weather. Don't let me catch you complaining of crappy Iowa weather. I will be full aware how crappy it will be and very disappointed that it wasn't a gorgeous day. Crap. Crap. Crap.
More Argh.
On a lighter note:
I got my hair dyed today and I don't have roots showing anymore. Hooray for no dark roots.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Last night I had a very peculiar dream:
I dreamt that I was with my friends (Melissa and Sara) and their children. We flew off to a remote location where there was sand and blue water. We were jumping off what looked like a theatre stage into the water. We were enjoying ourselves until I started to bump into strange coils of snake skin. I started to feel fear.
I got out of the water and looked down into the water. I saw huge snakes swimming up and smacking the surface of the water and then dipping down and coiling and gliding through the water. I looked over to see little Mae jump into the water and then disappear with her momma Melissa. I woke up with a start at that point.
What the HELL?!?!?!?
In the words of Samuel L. Jackson: "I've had it with these Mother F...in' snakes on this Mother F....in' PLANE!
Except in my case in my mother F....in' dreams...
For those of you wondering about my wedding: things seem to be fine. I have some anxiety about everything. I got things done at work for the most part. I will be happy when Wednesday comes and I can focus on the wedding and myself fully. And! I can't wait for that honeymoon in Cancun.
Can't wait to see you all!

Well, My big brother (who sometimes felt like a little brother to me :>) is now a Papa. Madeline Sophia Obert is the luckiest little girl in the world to have a daddy who will dote on you the same way he doted and was fasinated in his little baby sister, Katy. I talked to him today and he was that same cute little guy who used to hug me and play with me back in Beaver Dam. I knitted Maddie some booties to keep the newest pair of Obert feet warm.

Momma Trish seems happy and healthy. She said that Maddie is relentlessly hungry (marathon eater). The Italians would be very impressed with her (also another family trait).

I'm shouting out all my love over this country of ours that seems much to big these days. I will do my best to visit my new niece before she gets too big. I hope you can hear me!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My upstairs neighbor who just moved in plays electric guitar without his headphones and with his amp.
He is an awful guitar player. All he plays is "House of the Rising Sun (Son?)" Over and over and over morning (We're talking 6 am), noon and night.
He is playing it right now.
He is very irritating. I will go take a double dose of my anti-depressant now.
P.s. it is a gorgeous day in Iowa today and there are so many wildflowers in the prairie around my apartment you would think you were plopped in the middle of a cartoon.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I hurt my foot and am very grumpy.
Many days of exercise and fun are slowly escaping down the drain because of it.
I went to occupational health and waited...
I got into a room and waited so long I fell asleep and took an undisturbed nap, woke up and then waited some more...
They sent me to get X-rays and I waited....
I was sent back to occupational health and was told that there is a chip on my ankle bone but it looks old so I have to come back in a week and wait some more.

I was slightly rude and actually wandered/limped out into the hallway and hollered, "Did anyone forget about me in here?!?!"

So I'm on mobility restrictions and have to wear a brace.

Argh... This annoys me.

You know what else gets my goat? When people don't sign off "love" on letters. It totally ruins the card or letter for me. It's just my thing.
I made Kent start signing cards to family members with "Love". He does it all the time now and everytime he does it- I smile because it takes so little effort to show that affection for someone who doesn't like displays of that sort of thing.

So remember, "LOVE- so and so" Afterall, the Beatles said it, "All you need is love."