Monday, October 16, 2006

Here is the house. Keep it on the DL. Kent takes a lot of convincing on this sort of matter... He wants to buy a crap house, pay it off in five years (Wa?) and then upgrade. I tell him- as first time buyers we should get something we can grow and settle into... Its a buyers market, blah... Everything my friends tell me (don't tell him I said that either). He never reads this thing anyway...
Also I'm working on the top ten ways to approach the subject of baby with your husband. In today's age everyone is on birth control. You really have to screw it up in order to get pregnant. Gone are the days of "Opps, sorry!" You see, that would be so much easier! If I get pregnant its because I tried. Also with BC being so low in hormones, ect... The chances of my doctor telling me I have to get off it are nil... So, Mom and I started a list:
1. "Honey, are we going to talk about having a baby or do you just want to be surprised?"
2. "Do you want to be 90 when your kid's in college?"
Please... Post away with your add ons.. I have a feeling this subject has potential to be pretty funny.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, I can check the Haunted Corn Maize off my list.
I went with the Barron girls, Genevieve and Rich and Sara's sister, Carrie.
Genevieve and Rich brought Joshua to the corn maize which added an extra element of silliness. Baby's first haunted corn maize. He was so cute in his jumper with a hood that looked like cat ears. He was fairly amused until he got hungry. The witch asked if he was going to be the baby to brew in her cauldron. He he.
The chainsaw guy dressed as "jason" was funny... he ran after us with his chainsaw and turned around and cooed at the baby.
There was a part with a bunch of scarecrows. Carrie was joking around that she was going to grab all their crotches to see if any of them were actual people and while she just started to do so- a real guy jumped out before she could get to his crotch.
We did put jamison and vodka in our hot choclates and got a little loopy... Gen was the DD. All in all fun was had by all. We were going to make our way over to the Haunted Barn but the line was over an hour long... Rich was waiting in the car with Josh for that one so we decided it wasn't worth the wait and strain on Rich in the car.
I got home in time to dutifully make dinner for my returning from work husband (pasta with marinara).
We can't wait for our new furniture. We're really moving up in the world! Secretly we also have our eyes on a house on Grant Wood St. (Or not so secretly now). I will try to post a pic of it later.
No more bachelor pad!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Wanna see my monkey?"

I just scanned this one in from Xcaret. Very fun day trip from Cancun. It was very hot and there was an underground river to snorkel through. However, people mostly just bobbed around in there and it was really too dark for snorkeling anyway. But put fins on Kent and just try to keep up! He's an ex-state swimmer and prides himself on being a fish in water. I'm a fine slower swimmer.I just felt bad for the people Kent and I plowed past in there who were just trying to relax! Oh well, it still felt good getting in that cold water on 100+ degree day.

Monday, October 09, 2006

To be off of on-call duty. That's all I'm going to say about that. Other than... I'm not a doctor and I sure as hell don't make money or have had the schooling of one... but being on call for a week at a time is hard.
I didn't realize how much it sucks life from one's soul until I found myself cuddled with my PS2 games just waiting for the next problem to find its way through the dreaded cell phone. Okay, now I'm done.
Kent was getting a little frustrated that I was so useless. To make up for it I've emptied the refrigerator and scrubbed it clean and like new, did the dishes and I'm going to make him steak for dinner.
Its hard for me to say anything about my life that isn't related to work right now...

So I will think of things I do want to do... this fall:

  • Drink mulled wine
  • walk through the Haunted Maize (corn maze set up like a haunted house)
  • drink something hot and spiked out of flask while going through maize
  • walk through haunted barn- get my wits scared out of me
  • make baked stuff
  • go to Kalona and Amana Colonies while the leaves are still bright!
  • Rent a pontoon boat and look at foliage from it while eating a tuna fish sub from Hungry Hobo
  • Sit in new furniture Kent and I ordered due sometime in November
  • go for a bike ride
  • Why does fall always make me want to drink Guinness chase it with Jamison Bailys and eat burgers?

New list to come for winter!