Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here they are! Gia Gifford and John Peacock were pronounced Husband and Wife in Jamacia (I'm not sure of the exact date). Congrats! Everybody's doing such exciting things these days! I can't wait for the party!

Monday, April 24, 2006

What is the name of those short and tall containers for Jello and pudding? Where does one find them? I tryed tupperware but couldn't find them... maybe they are called parfait cups or something. The top part connects to a little stand... they're made of rubber or plastic... I want to register for some but can't find them anywhere. Please help!

Like I said previously about Genevieve's Shower- There was a lot of really awesome food! Doesn't Vive make a cute pregnant lady? Below is a picture of the expectant mother with her hosts: The Friends of Iowa City (aka FOIC). Not pictured here is the other people who worked so hard on the food and success of the shower: Leticia Domingo (aka Tita Leti),Ophelia Bello, Susanne and Rick Nelson. Isn't Vive so lucky to have people who love her so much? I recently got word of Chris and Trish's baby shower registry... I wish I could be there to help throw their baby's shower and make it special for them, too. Kent and I will have to pick out something real nice for them.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Let it be known that I think Jeremy Piven is a hottie. I have thought so since I saw him in PCU (one of the funniest movies of all time). I think that Kent sort of looks like him. What do you think?
Hey all!
Well its about 4 pm on Sunday and I'm finally getting dressed and ready to go our of my apartment. I hate when that happens! You feel like you lost a whole day. I'm just telling myself that this is about the time when I'd be getting out of work and going for a walk so its really not so bad.
I did get up at 8 am if that counts for anything!
Yesterday was Genevieve's baby shower. She's supposed to be having a boy. They've had a hard time choosing a name but they seem to have agreed upon Joshua. I'm sure he'll be a nice sweet boy no matter what he's named and we'll all love him to pieces. So she's due within the next month sometime. There was lots of awesome food! Kebabs, eggrolls, Punsit (sp?, my favorite Filipino noodle dish- all made by Ophelia and Tita Leti), lots of fruit (compliments of me) and desserts (Susanne Nelson)! What a damn good spread! I'll post some of Genevieve's pictures as soon as she gets them developed (I was put in charge of the camera and ended up taking about 3-4 rolls of film- opps!). Melissa, Sara, and JR, worked on almost everything else! The big project of the shower is a quilt that Sara is working very hard on. All the guests colored squares for the baby with animals on them. I like Daddy Nelson's the best. He made his lion into a "sea Lion"! Very cool. I think it was a success!
Last night Kent and I registered for our wedding. He was let off of work around 6 pm so we went to
Dillards and Target. We had a good time. There are a lot f spoiling items on there we will probably not get. The only items Kent was excited for were the picnic basket, "magic bullet" and the kitchenaid mixer and attachments. Everything else was pretty much my doing. It was fun. I can see how it could be a bit addicting. You get to really shop and look at things like you were going to own them, do something that makes them yours (in a way), and then walk away without overdrawing your accounts (very fulfilling!).
There were dishware and flatware items that Dillards doesn't carry that we had to register for directly with
Lenox. I hope that doesn't get to confusing. We're going to talk to them about it and see if they can't get them in for us. Who knows.
Well, I owe my little Olivia a nice walk so I should get to it while the sun is up and shining brightly.
p.s. work is going really well. I have my own desk! Maybe I'll take a picture of it to share. I also have my first business cards! Keep praying for me because they keep telling me this job gets more difficult the longer you do it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Need to Know Basis!
Muahahahaha! Another family member has joined us in our blogging! Chris is the most computer savy Obert and he has yet to create a site for himself! I think it is crucial that he start us one! Also, I'm hoping some of those Moyers in Cali get on board... and the Cinci Oberts... and my IC friends... and Gia... and Kara... and Katie D... Well, basically I want everyone to provide me information on a daily basis of what is going on in their world. I must know!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

unfortunately, this is as big as this picture gets but... Isn't my friend Kara in Australia cute?!!?
Today was my first official day at the new job... Also, today is my first official day of allergy season. I took generic allegra so I hope it kicks in soon. Anyway, other than the allergies, today went very smoothly. Nothing to complain about. I feel like fine about things. Still trying to get a hold on everything and all the people.
There are a lot of smoke breaks at this new job so I'll have to keep from getting in the habit of smoking (smoking is no good for allergies, neither). It was fun and the people are great. I think things will be fine.
Anyway, I have lots to do and I want a nap too so I better get to it.
Today was a good day. You know why? I started my new job, I got wedding RSVPs in the mail, AND Kent went grocery shopping! Also, notice the new blog in my links... Mike and Angie made a Blog!

Friday, April 14, 2006

My love and prayers go out to Sara B.'s family as they get through this hard time...
Yesterday's fortune cookie:

"They cannot take away your self respect if we do not give it to them."

Lucky numbers 19, 28, 35, 20, 4, 17

Baseball: Bang qui (Chinese)

Iowa City got ripped open by a tornado last night. Everyone is pretty shook up but we're all fine. I think we are sad to see our beautiful town torn to shreds. Many businesses are suffering today and people are everywhere trying to pick up the pieces. I'm happy that all my loved ones were safe (still waiting to hear back from a few people). Find pictures here.
On a happier note, my brother Christopher found out they will be having a baby girl. They want to name her Madeline Sophia Obert (I may have spelt that wrong). I couldn't help but feel like Chris and his new baby girl is a little bit responsible for this crazy weather. Its sort of a running joke that Chris makes the weather go nuts (from various visits where he brought storms with him, ect). Maybe Chris' good news also brings storms with it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today I'm dreaming of vacationing in Florence and Greece. I was wandering around this website. I really miss speaking Italian and being in Italy lately.... Hooooo Hummmmmm.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm going to do another walk on April 29th for Hospice. I am not going to be as pro-active about this one but I'm excited about it nonetheless. Here is the web page about it if anyone wants to join me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Here is Kent and I at Cafe Dodici in Washington, IA. Aren't we adorable. Dinner was fabulous and I got to speak Italian with the owners and they invited me back to talk some more. It was really fun. Pop-o and I shared two bottles of Toscolo (an Italian Chianti). I have more pictures to share but I'll have to share those later.
My dress is the dress I was going to wear to my Rehearsal Dinner. I may still get to wear it but things may be too casual for it. We're still working on that one.
We went dancing afterwards at The Speak Easy. That was really fun and I even danced in HEELS!!! Can you imagine my size 12s in heels?
It was four people's birthday celebrations that night- Kent, Sara B. and her mother Deb, and myself. We all had a GREAT time!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today is my birthday and we had una Festa Italia Castora (How Laurie translates the party of the Italian Beaver). Kent came and we ate Lasagna, cheese, breadstick, Olive Garden salad, and we watched Lady and the Tramp.... "This is the night... a most beautiful night....". Merrill brought me Bruschetta! Then we had angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert. VERY exciting. By the way, Laurie brought us Krispy Kremes for breakfast (I knew I didn't eat breakfast for a reason). At least I worked out this morning. I'm not sure it will cover the 4 doughnuts, 2 p. of lasagna, 2 breadsticks, brushcetta, juice, cake, and salad I have eaten so far today. Not to mention I get to take leftovers home!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I wanted to share some of these great pictures of my family that have stored away for years as slides in my parents stuff...
I really think they're neat.