Saturday, March 17, 2007

I have just finished catching up on all my family's blogs.
Today is St. Patty's day. I'm (I think) 1/8 Irish. My grandmother (Marge Cushing) was full Irish-which makes my father 1/2 Irish which passes down to me as 1/4.... Hmmmm.... Maybe she was 1/2 Irish. I'm confused.
My brother and I went to Ireland together. I was pretty sick during that part of my trip but I did enjoy some of its beauty. For example... Kissing the Blarney stone and Kilkenny castle. We drove around and Chris got pissed drinking Guinness. How many was it Chris?... Eleven?
Yesterday, Which was Lent and it was, therefore, a sin that I had my pints of Guinness with my Jamison Baily's back/shots before the actual St. Patrick's day. I also ate a corned beef Reuben yesterday. I'm such a sinner.... The corned beef on FRIDAY?!?!?! I think the Pope pardoned us last year but I didn't hear anything about yesterday.
Today, I pretty much just feel like sitting at home, cleaning, shopping and surfing the Internet for new homes for Kent and I. Kent had to go to work today and I'm at the end of my "Kent working every night" rope. Well, if you can't change 'em... join em' eh? Nah, I value my sanity too much (what little of it I have left).
Nice reading all your blogs... Keep posting!