Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We worked on Biographic poems yesterday with one of our student's 5th grade class. Here is mine:
Helping hand, sensitive, determined, artist
sibling of Mike and Chris
Lover of art, wine, and travel
Who feels alive, ready and patient
Who needs excitement, adventure, and family
Who gives encouragement, love, and my time
Who fears confrontation, sickness, and death
Who would like to see the cathedral in Cologne, Germany
world peace and better pay for educators
Resident of Iowa City, Kountry Ln. SE

Monday, August 29, 2005

Rocker Interrupted
I don't know how many of you know this but there is a part of my heart reserved for the '80s hair band Rock music. Come to my wedding expecting a few G-N-R songs, a few cheesy rock ballads, and some just get wild-fun-fist raised rock songs!
I revisited that part of myself on Sunday night when Kent took me to the "Rock Never Stops tour" with Ratt, Quiet Riot, Firehouse and Cinderella headlining. I raised my devil horns to the rock gods. I was interested to see that the lead singer and drummer of Quiet Riot definitely had droopy old man butts. Also, I don't think he was stuffing cause the package in that department was also pretty unimpressive. I almost wish he had packed a sock. They did declare, "B**w J*bs for Grandpas!" So at least they could admit they were old.
As for me I was lookin' pretty bad ass. I could tell because the rocker chick working the front door with the tight jeans and hairsprayed up bangs told me how hot my outfit was. I went for a jean skirt, ripped tight rock band t-shirt, a silvery-blue rocker scarf, rocker earrings, and my hair slightly teased for height.I got a few google eyes from the bald beer bellied guys.
I didn't get as many looks as the dyed blond chick who did a very interesting interpretive dance to GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle, Baby" where she incorporated a drumstick into her routine. She also made ample use of her thong and her t-shirt (or lack thereof) to draw in the crowd. You get the picture.
However, some messed up girl in the bathroom asked me, "You wouldn't happen to know how to get in to sleep with the band?" I was honored that I looked so right that this young lady would seek my advice on such a subject. I told her I didn't and good luck on her quest. Another girl thought my ta-tas looked good enough to sign and told me how to do it. I had to work the next day and didn't think it was appropriate to go into the elementary school with rocker's signatures all over myself. It was tempting, though.
I never asked but I guess I assumed I was too young for concerts like this (back in the day when I was listening to GNR and Aerosmith while living in Wisconsin). Today, I fulfill that fantasy. I even scored myself a Cinderella guitar pick that was thrown at the crowd!
The guy from Cinderella was actually pretty impressive. He could play the saxophone and the piano! At one point during a very emotional song he collapsed and cried out to us, "Your ripping my heart out!," over and over again. He really looked like he was going to cry. I imagined that if my brother has become a rocker instead of a lawyer he would have been like the lead singer of Cinderella. They even kind of looked the same. If you know these bands you can guess the songs they played: Round-n-round, Cum on feel the noize, Gypsy Rose, Mental Health, Girl don't treat me bad, Shake me, ect. It was all very exciting.
Kent tried to play the rebel when we rushed the stage by trying to get people moshing or something. I think those guys were too old for that, though, and ended up just annoyed with us. One guy actually told me to, "Calm down your man." Another woman told us to excuse ourselves when we rushed the stage! Who are these people?!?!! Old people, I guess. He he.
Anyway, all you rockers raise your fist to the rock gods. Rock lives!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Pop-o just left and I'm a little hung over from drinking Argentinean wine at dinner. I had Pop-o take me to a non-work affiliated restaurant (a luxury I can no longer afford without my 50% discount) called Venuto's World Bistro. It was Italian night (perfect) and I had the seafood lasagne (dee-lishh). It was a very nice visit. This is one of the best most beautiful things about growing old... Befriending your parents. Pop-o is so unique and I feel somehow blessed that he's my Pop-o. He's hilarious for one thing but he's genuinely emotionally invested in his family. It was nice to hear him talk about his grandson, Patrick, like a proud grandpa should. He's a good Pop-o for coming to visit with me today. Momma was just on line probably hoping that I'd get on and tell her how it went. Well, Mom if your reading we had a great time. I showed him the Giant Sloth in the Natural History Museum and we walked around town and drank good wine with abandon. The Giant Sloth sends his regards.

Last but not least is my Momma. She's a sweetheart who loves just about anybody. She can be feisty too. She's a scorpio. What can I say? "Love her to pieces". Posted by Picasa

This is Kara. She spends a lot of her time riding around Iowa City on her bicycle or her Honda 350f motorcycle. She bounces back and forth between here and Austraila. She's a feisty one with what might me the furriest biggest heart of anyone I know. We always have a good time. We also traveled to Italy together in the Spring of '02. Posted by Picasa

These people are pretty much the core of my support network here in Iowa City. You need help moving there they are. You need help taking care of your kids there they are. You need to go out and get wasted and blow off steam on the dance floor. These guys are in (most of the time- we are starting to get pretty old acting). I've known the two flanking me for over ten years. The outside two (heh heh) are their partners. All very lovely people.  Posted by Picasa

Here is Chris. He came to visit me at the end of my trip in Italy. A very noble thing to do. He's a good brother and has always looked out for me.  Posted by Picasa

Here is a very sporty picture of me with my brothers. You can tell to look at us that we are each very unique. Hard to believe we came from the same parents (Mom?). Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

I am seriously starting to wonder what is wrong with me tonight. I can not follow through on a single blog!
I have been trying to write a decent blog with pictures of my high school friends, brothers, and my parents. Everytime I have lost my blog.
Starting to get fustrated....
Losing Patience....
Anyway, I'm going to leave soon to play games at my friends' house Melissa and Sara. I will introduce a good bottle of wine to the evening. Feeling sick that I have to get up tomorrow and Sunday morning for work. I need to figure out a better schedule. Perhaps, I need a job where they aren't open on the weekends? Any suggestions for a non-weekend night job that pays at least $10/hr? I'm so not digging Iowa City at the moment. Blech (just puked in my hand). Will try to get more postitive next blog.
I have said a lot tonight but currently have no evidence of it. Stupid Image Uploading. Argh... more fustration seething from me.
I will get better at this. If you want to see how a smart person blogs check out this website. I've been reading it a lot. I have a funny story how I found it. The girl who writes it is a friend of a friend from way back. I happened to work as head server at her wedding. When I started blogging I looked up wedding websites and found hers. There are lots of great recipes and photographs on there as well as links to really great sites. I have been reading it with efforts to glean information about planning and living life happily in general.

Who wouldn't want to be the friends in this picture (lucky for me, MY friends). I introduce JR and Sara B. Posted by Picasa
I actually have a lot of fun pictures that I'm sure some of my family and friends have never seen. I think I'd like to post them if its not too annoying for everyone.
I just feel like spreading the love. This way when I mention someone maybe you can cross reference and put a face to the name.

Here we are the summer we returned to the United State in Afton Alps, Minnesota ('00). Posted by Picasa

Here we are after in Anacapri, Italy. I fed Gia pizza with pumpkin flowers and she got food poisoning soon after this was taken. Posted by Picasa

Here Gia and I are relaxing in an overpriced Hotel on Easter weekend, '00 in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Posted by Picasa

Here is Gia and I at Iowa City's Deadwood, August of '01 Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The People in my world...
Let's face it, some people can keep their blogs short because they have laid down a foundation. The people who read their blogs continue reading to keep up on what they know. Well... What if you don't know my world, the people I love, know and exchange with on a regular basis? How about me? Do you know who I am- this 28 year old woman who currently resides in Iowa City? What is Iowa City like? Is it a small Bum-f*** town where everyone is married to their cousin? Or does it have culture, education, and a certain urban feel? I'll get into that in another blog but it' helpful information.
If you come to my wedding... And if its here... You may find these things out. Or maybe I'll be too scatterbrained to submerge you into my life and I'll regret not personally showing you why I've been here for a just short of a decade. Are you interested?
I'm going to try and introduce you to these crucial "getting to know you" points in my life. Do I feel a little self important and the moment?
Perhaps. But I love most of you out there and want to know everything about you. I can only assume that you want the same information about me. First, let me point out that a few of you have not signed my webpages with wishes of love and good fortune. There are a few possibilities for this negligence.
a.) You are also incredibly self-important and can't find the time to put finger to keyboard.
b.) You are computer illiterate and possibly have no knowledge of this or The Knot webpage rendering this whole blog moot.
c.) You do not have feelings of good fortune for me. Very sad (I'm sure this is not the case).
You should all know how much it makes me happy to hear from you. Please write me from time to time and tell me you're OK. Or, alternatively, that you are not OK and, "Hey, let's talk about it."
Anyway, more about me... ha ha ha.
Actually, I want to feature a friendship today. Someone who holds the key to some very particular information and memories that only we and some lost others share; her name is Gia.
Gia and I have parallel lives. The reason I say this is that we have made the major decisions of our life at roughly the same times without any knowledge of each other. We went to Italy and met there at the same time. We came home and lost contact. During that time we did, roughly, the same things. Suffered the similar depression for similar reasons, got jobs at elementary schools working with mentally challenged children. We both became interested in Art Education. The latest is as follows... I was calling Gia to check up and tell her that I was applying to Art Therapy school in Seattle, WA. I told her I would be moving next fall. She returns that her and her partner, Jon, are also moving there at that time... See what I mean about parallel lives? Anyway, I have soo much I could write about us but it comes down to like minds. Only we really understand but that is the beauty of it, I suppose. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my lovely Gia.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Damn, why can't I keep my blogs short? Sorry. I have too much to say, I guess.

The Big Questions:
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

For my last night of freedom before school I went to see Must Love Dogs. It was really very cute. Had very good 80s flashbacks from pre-collagen replacement therapy John Cusack. I thought he might grow old gracefully. Why doesn't anyone tell these actors and actresses that the plastic surgery doesn't fool anyone! They just look like an old actor with issues growing old... Frankly, that make them seem even older to me. Anyway, he wasn't too weird in this movie. More the Say Anything... Cusack not the Gross Pointe Blank kind of Cusack.
Besides collagen-face, i.e. Cusack... I really enjoyed Diane Lane. She kept making faces like a friend of mine, Kara. She's really funny and it only made me love the character more. I also was a big fan of the dog, Mother Theresa, as well.
It was a refreshing look at love. Nice to see a movie about people who don't want the fantasy (grown men after women half their age) and the fantasy is actually everyone's reality... or is it their ideal reality? I don't know but she just wanted someone to love her and have breakfast with her on Sunday morning.
I think that really is the big perk of having someone to love. Just knowing that we won't have to work the next morning and that we will wake up and eat cinnamon rolls and drink coffee and watch cartoons makes us sleep better with that little smile on our face. Its almost as if we can't wait to wake up. I just love men who love cartoons. I think it has something to do with Saturday mornings sitting with my Grandpa... sooo relaxing. The breakfast routine is probably my German heritage. Too bad that the American crazy - open 24 hours a day 7 days a week- work ethic ruins so many of these moments. They exist though and damn they're good.
The woman in the movie (Sarah played by Diane Lane) had a big Irish family. Made me miss having family around. Then on the way out I saw a woman about my mother's age walking out of the theatre with her husband. Looked just like her from behind. She had her hands shoved into the pockets just like Mom and she had Mom's walk. I can miss them so much sometimes. Not having a big family and being lil' ole' me here in Iowa really makes me question a lot. Why are we all here? What is the purpose of life?
The big Paul Gauguin painting. Ironically enough that painting is really fitting for this movie in an off-beat sort of way. Here is Gauguin who leaves his family and is all alone on a Tahitian Island with his Javanese hottie, wallowing in the depth of it all until ultimately he killed himself. His ideal seemed to be the thing that sent him to his grave. Well, OK maybe it was the turpentine or the alcohol he drank but it was the choices he made or the pain of it all that made him turn to the booze.
This cute little movie had so many real to live senerios... The older man who has survived past his wife (the love of his life). The wife whose husband left her for a younger woman. The husband whose wife divorced him and took him for everything he had. The happy gay couple always there when the going get rough... The big family there to shove reality into one's fave. Then trying to re-group and continue to live and believe in love.
As I'm growing older and now that I'm marrying I think about the "what if"s... I think about the time that's continually passing and how I know I don't have this life thing figured out. Artists never pretended to have it all figured out. They always see the broad scope of things. That's why they are always depressed and in pain. Its salt in the wound that they see what people themselves can't see. Oh yeah, and some are just plain egocentric- actually I think artists are egocentric by definition.
Anyway, this is what happens when I go to the movies alone. I get to thinking way too much and end up thinking about some painting somewhere. Eventually, I start to think about death and life and living until I'm so into my thoughts I can't even fall asleep. Perhaps, I should stop while I'm ahead. I need a good night's rest for tomorrow. I have a feeling its going to be a difficult transition.

Back to School/Getting myself organized

I realized today that I am entirely too long winded in my blogs. I will continue to try and keep my blogs short(er) and more poignant. Also, I'm starting to doubt my title, "BridalBlogging". Yes, I want to use this page for keeping family and friends up to date on the event. However, I also want to blog about home-based ideas, cuisine, restaurants, and art. I feel like I need sub-categories under one general "Katy O" website. Perhaps with time I will become well enough versed in HTML that I will be able to do this. After having started my original blog under wedding topics it might be difficult to organize my information out into different categories. If anyone has any suggestions. Please write! I am very good at following instruction.
As for my day today... Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow, I go back to my school job. I have some goals for my education profession this year. They are as follows:
1.) Get the appropriate people to fill out praise filled referrals for my graduate school.
2.) Become part of the para-educators union and pursue better wages for myself and other para-educators.
3.) Focus more on individual time with the kids pursuing goals one at a time (if possible).
4.) Voice concerns more often before its too late (yes, I know that was vague).
I made a New Years list of resolutions and I have kept to it pretty well. I think I respond well to clear goals. I sit around and do nothing if I'm not clear and precise (to myself) about these things.
I bought frozen dinners for my lunches at work and I'm excited about them. I bought 4 "Smart Ones" and 4 "Lean Cuisine". I will keep you updated as to which ones to skip and which ones work out. I'm want to eat healthy lunches that don't cost too much. I think it will help out with portion size too.
Last night I helped work the door at a benefit for Camp Courageous. I had a blast. I drank two glasses of Pinot Noir and they were very good. Pinot Noir may be my new favorite wine. I saw that movie Sideways and got curious. Sure enough, I love it. I think we were able to raise a lot of money. 100% of the proceeds went to the camp. In case you didn't know, Camp Courageous is a camp especially for children with special needs. They get to ride horses there, do all kinds of activities and the kids love it. If you are interested click on the above link and give. Its a very worthy cause!

Well, I have some relaxing to do before I have to start the school thing tomorrow so I'd better get to it!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

King of the Dork Day

I spent the day with my honey today. I dub this day, "Love your Dork Day" (wait that doesn't sound bad, does it?) .
"Why?" you ask.
My soon to be better half and I went to Goodwill to drop off some un-needed items from my closet. I wanted to stop in and check out the new store. I found a very nice skirt for only $1.50. That was a steal! Well, Kent found a Gryffindor (Harry Potter) kid's bookbag. This thing is worn out! But my man loves it! He needed a bookbag to put his workclothes in. It needed to have a pocket to hold kitchen shoes on the out side. Demonstrated here by the dork himself. This bag really did have everything Kent needs. Its even has a mesh pocket on the side for a water bottle. However, its tearing at the strap and is DIRTY. But heck, for $1.38 (random price) you can't go wrong. Unfortunatly, it looks like he ripped it off from some poor little third grader. I hope no one beats him up.
Kent just bought a new skateboard. I told him he needs a physical activity that is good for his heart. Kent's body gets worked really hard at work but it has caused him a good amount of stress. I think that his skateboarding idea will help him feel better and have more energy even while he's at work.
Since Kent has a backpack and a new skateboard he also needed new skateboarding shoes to skateboard to work. We went to Payless and found himself a nice pair of black airwalks. He was very happy and I was too because he was able to buy me a cute pair of black suede boots for half off and a sexy pair of silver heels for half off red sticker ($4!!!). I love Payless. I have always told people, "I am a man from the ankle down." So I have to shop for sexy shoes where the drag-queens shop. The drag queens told me that they shop at Payless. They were right.
I recently have made it a habit of riding my bike to work. Kent and I are no longer willing to pay for tank after tank of gas if we can avoid it. As a matter of fact, Kent just left on his skateboard to work. I hope he gets there in time. Kent and I live just outside of city limits in the rapidly developing farmland around Iowa City.
There is an unfinished biketrail that can take you practically to our front door. This bike trail ends at a very busy road into town and starts again about a mile down that road. The trail runs down the Iowa River and is really very beautiful. I feel pretty safe on it while on my bike. However, I worry a bit about Kent going on it with his skateboard. This part of Iowa City was a favorite for our homeless before the bike trail. There is a particularly popular spot where the trail runs under Highway 6 bridge. Campfires, liquor bottles, 40 oz. cans are all testimony to the night before's activities. There is a bed disguised with a wall of rocks in the crook of the bridge.
Last night was particularly spooky. It was a full moon but the clouds and the shadows on the trail were dark making it very hard to see. I rode faster than usual because I was a little scared. I had to stay longer at work than I had anticipated because the regular Friday manager went home sick and I covered her duties. It was crazy at work yesterday. I was stressed. Anyway, there was only one person that I passed on the trail but they were making a weird mechanical movement with their hand over their mouth like they were trying not to vomit. The other hand looked like it was missing at the wrist. That made my heart pump harder and my legs move faster.
I didn't want to ride on the busy street so as soon as I got off the trail I turned into a new subdivision (just a few houses on an unfinished road) and was going to cut through. I ended up walking in grasses up to my shoulders with my bike. The road still wasn't finish and dead ended. I was terrified that a snake was going to crawl up my leg. It didn 't. I saw some weird things jump away on the ground however. They were probably some bull-frogs. I arrived home panting and sweaty. Kent was in the computer room looking at LEGOs on the internet as usual (I really think we should start selling them since its all he does anymore).
So, that should give you a little idea what the commute to and from work is like. I just love riding my bike instead of driving. I feel so much better and healthier and really feel like I'm doing something good (for the environment, myself, and others). I decided on one of my rides that whether or not you want to be a bike rider is more environmentally aware. I can't tell you how much trash I see on the side of the road. You see every bottle, cigarette, and wrapper that blew out of a window or thrown to the side when your on the road into work. It also give you time to really think about it. I recommend commuting by bike to everyone. We should all petition to send my Pop-o home and to ride bikes to work! Who's with me?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pop-o is another year younger!

First of all I want to say, "Happy Birthday Pop-o". You are the sweetest and dearest Pop-o a girl could have. I love you!
I think its appropriate to explain a few of my links. You see, I didn't even know what the heck Blogging was until I visited my cousin in Ohio and she showed me what her husband was working on. I was like my friend who after trying to explain "blogspam" thought it sounds like something terribly messy!
When I returned home I logged onto his Blog-hints website and created my own. I was so excited about it! So I think its only fair to share this with all of you. If you enjoy reading blogs you may want one of your own. This website will help you.
As for the Stamping website, I think its a prime example of the business opportunity that the knowledge of blogging can build towards. Not only that but I remember stamping being a great thing that you can do to save money on invitations, announcements, and stationary in general. I'm not sure I'm going to have the time to put together something this personal for my "Save the Date" cards but I think its a great idea. This site is run by people I know and love and recommend it highly!
If any of you have any interesting web-sites please comment on them. I'd love to take a look!
I had the day off from work today so I made a little progress. I finally got a hold of the Museum of Art. I have had my eye on them since I catered a wedding there last month. Unfortunately, they are in the process of hiring an Events coordinator who will be in charge of this space. I was hopeful that I might be received with interest and excitement. I should have known that the University would be preoccupied in creating obstacles for people instead of creating opportunities. I mean that is the evil irony of it all isn't it. I liked the idea of this space but perhaps I will remain faithful to the original idea of having it in my parents backyard (wherever that may be).
I realized that I booked my wedding on LABOR DAY weekend. I may need to change the date! Perhaps for earlier. I just really liked the idea of a September wedding, for some reason. Probably because Italy is so gorgeous in the fall. Everything is being harvested- the figs, the nuts, and the olives. Everything tastes amazing. Its just perfect. If I do have the wedding on Labor Day the backyard idea would be OK. I wouldn't have to worry about booking anything other than perhaps a church for a ceremony. I may not even do that. I know who I want to minister my wedding. He's a longtime friend of Kent's and mine.
Also I'm applying for a school that starts in October in Seattle, WA called Antioch. They have a very interesting and accredited program in Art Therapy. I thought traveling and then moving altogether made sense. You know, get it all done at once.
Well, I suppose we'll see. There is so much to consider! Everyone should petition John Deere to send Pop-o home!!! We have a wedding to plan!

Monday, August 15, 2005

My fiance and I met while we were both managers in the restaurant business. I have a special affinity towards the cooks. I love their raw conversation. I love the sarcastic sense of humor cooks tend to have. Let's face it! Cooks are nuts. They endure the high pressure environment of cooking on line for a restaurant full of rude and demanding public for sometimes hours at a time. They scream and tantrum sometimes when their angry at you (i.e. I was a waitress for a few years, as well, at a very popular Irish Pub). The rush eventually dies and everyone looks around like the enemies have retreated on a war field. They shake it off and its business as usual until the next horror strikes.
Weddings are like this for cooks only it lasts non-stop from morning until practically midnight for some caterers. I know because I was a catering manager and I have been involved in probably 40 weddings in the past 5 years. I started out serving until I was promoted to front house manager in charge of caterings. I did that until I ended up at a five hundred top wedding in a barn on the longest and hottest day of the year, the summer solstice, without air conditioning. I worked non-stop at this wedding for three days. I went to sleep with my muscles twitching. When that was over- I knew I needed to do something else. I went back to school and finished my degree. I got a job at an elementary school. However, the pay at the school is insufficient so that it requires a second or third job for survival. Therefore, I still serve at weddings and work at a restaurant as a shift manager and serving staff.
As I said before, all this experience has provided us with friendships with different food service clientele. One of our co-workers branched off and now co-owns his own establishment called Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack (just this year)! He has offered to prepare smoked salmon for us and I'm very excited about it. I recommend anyone coming into Iowa City to check this place out. It's right across from the Sycamore Mall, 1940 Lower Muscatine Rd. The phone number there is 354-RIBS or toll-free (877) 354-RIBS.
When it comes to appetizer, I figure I am just as capable of putting together my own vegetable and fruit trays the day before. So I won't be ordering those. I will be ordering plenty of antipasto platters with roasted garlic, meats, cheeses, sauteed mushrooms, olive salad, ect. My theme is definitely going to be Italian - or as my friend Greg would say, "Roman Holiday".
I need to find someone to make up the centerpieces. I have a sweet basil, olive branch with sage and fruit thing in mind. I want a carafe of sangria (peach?) on each table and a bottle of wine. I'll keep some non-alcoholic for the non-drinkers in the back. There is a wonderful little place near here (Iowa City) called The Amana Colonies. Most of their wine is crap sweet wine which I happen to abhor. They make one wine that I love- The Merlot reserve. I might make that the table wine to add an Iowan touch to the reception.
I have to reserve my reception site before any of this is set in stone. As you make have read in an earlier blog that my parents live in Mexico. They should be moving somewhere state-side before the end of the year. I would love to know where they are before reserving anything as I could possibly have a reception in their backyard. You see, unless I have a reception anywhere other than a hotel or restaurant, I will be reserving tables, chairs, and bar for the event.
I am not fond of Iowa City's primary rental agency. I have washed dishes and respectfully returned them as orderly as possible for wedding after wedding only for them to come back with a huge MIA bill for tons of items. A couple of times we had them recount their stock only to find out that they had simply miss-calculated and we actually didn't owe a thing! I can't afford these kinds of mistakes.
So a word out to all you to-be brides, "Be aware of this!". It could cost you hundreds of dollars. They charge even for ripped boxes or if they somehow got wet. When you sign that rental agreement they lick their lips with dollar signs in their eyes. DO NOT have your caterer take the rental table service back to their restaurant to have it washed. Leave everything in the establishment it was delivered to. Servers can clean up and set it aside to be picked up. The second that stuff leaves the reception you run the risk of it getting dropped, broken, lost, or stolen. It's not worth it for anyone. If there is a dishwashing fee for the rental items, PAY IT! Let them deal with it. Its too much of a hassle for anyone else. This is something I am very adamant about.
When I was in Cedar Rapids I worked a few weddings at the Chek-Slovak museum. They rental agency there was very attentive to consumer needs. On a Saturday night at midnight they were able to send someone to load all the stuff up and take it back to their store! That is service. The Iowa City agency would leave a truck there and have you or your totally non-affiliated caterer load the truck. Why? Store hours- Their closed. They are also not open on Sunday. I think a rental agency should always be open on Sundays. If they need a day off they should take Tuesdays and Wednesday. Lets face it! Their primary business happens on the weekends! Being closed on Sundays is plain stupidity and unacceptable.
I'd have my wedding in Cedar Rapids only for one reason- and I think its big. Cedar Rapids is where the Quaker Oats factory is and it stinks! It stinks like stale beer. That yeast smell follows you where ever you are in Cedar Rapids. My fiance is actually from here- but I can't do it. I can't have my family walk away from my wedding with that sense memory. I want only the aroma of sweet basil or lavender in their noses not a sewage plant.
Well, these are the things on my mind these days related to this wedding. I have lots more I want to write about. I still have the dreaded, "dress shopping" to cover as well and the delectable wedding cake! I promise that I will soon have a reception site as well. I'm very excited about the possibility of have it at the Iowa City Art Museum. I'll write soon about that as well.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I use The Knot for everything. This website provides information that every wedding challenged individual needs to know. When I started looking at dresses I couldn't put words to different kinds of necklines, hems, or different kinds of embellishments. I have enough sense to know what clothes work on this body god gave me but a wedding dress. I knew I might turn out to be a snow beast walking down the aisle. No way, I want to wear this dress and not have it wear me.
The Knot is so extensive. It covers the smallest details such as etiquette, kinds of parties and who pays for what! They are hip enough to tell you that time are changing, everything can be updated and here's how to do it tastefully.
If you are thinking about getting engaged, are engaged or just tied the knot- look on this website for the advice your heart desires. I was even able to set up a free wedding website that has links to help manage my guest list, gifts, registries, RSVPs, and that will eventually display wedding photographs! Its truly a godsend.

To Begin with...

Hi! I decided on trying to blog about my wedding experience. While growing up it never crossed my mind that I would someday plan a wedding. However, here I am trying to decide on the best invitations and trying to get motivated to put myself through the horror that is, "dress shopping". You see, I'm 28. I work about three to four jobs on any given day of the year. I have no interest in spending the next year only eating proteins and spending half my day everyday in a gym. I will not be a demure and perfect size 2 on my wedding day. If I'm lucky I'll get down to a size 14-16. My parents, god love them, live in Mexico. The boyfriend? He'll be working about 70 hours a week himself. If this thing gets planned it will be because I did it. So enjoy the blogging. I'll keep you up to date on the best and the worst of it. Enjoy.