Saturday, September 24, 2005

In my Italy dreams I'm simply walking the streets of Florence going the places that I loved so much Posted by Picasa

Preparing my roomates dinner. Posted by Picasa

Assisi Posted by Picasa

Cinque Terre Posted by Picasa

I had a dream I was in Italy again. Gia wrote me a letter reminding me how confident I was there. I guess its on my mind so here is me in Italy. Posted by Picasa
This is something fun my friend did on her blog and if she reponded I had to promise to post it on my journal so here it is!
If any of you want to play I will respond to your names if you comment your name! You don't have to have a blog to enter!
I copied this from Emily Yoshida
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Home base— Aprille @ 8:06 am
Leave your name in my comments and…1. I’ll respond with something random about you.2. I’ll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.3. I’ll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.4. I’ll say something that only makes sense to you and me.5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.7. I’ll ask you something that I’ve always wondered about you.8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.
I’ll write a genuine post later. I just got to work, after all.

Katy Obert:
1. You are very stylish and confident.2. Anything by Ten Grand3. Basil Peach, sexy and gourmet like you, my fair lady4. I really liked that comment you left that they read at the funeral.5. Your dorm room in Currier; I remember your Asian-inspired room decor.6. A seagull (but not as screechy)7. You have a wonderful laugh. Do you ever laugh when things aren’t even very funny, just to have the opportunity to show off your wonderful laugh?
Comment by Aprille — 9/23/2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

These women are the next closest thing to having real blood sisters... They are my Mom's brothers daughters (my cousins). We all sorta look and act a bit alike. Having them makes being the only girl a little less painful. Posted by Picasa

This is a picture from last Christmas (I think) of my brothers, their wives (my sisters-in-law, not previously introduced Trish and Angie) and I... Kent is that diamond of light in the mountain! J/K... He couldn't make that trip. Posted by Picasa

Pop-o and I really like to share our interest in Red dry wines. Momma and him took me to a very interesting winery in the town of Parras... Did you read how old this place is? Oldest running winery in North America! Posted by Picasa

We also enjoyed eating at many of the restaurants there were in Torreon... you'd be surprised at all the good food there! Posted by Picasa

While I was there I got to learn a lot about golfing from my Pop-o on Father's Day and his Caddy. Posted by Picasa

Gorgeous! Posted by Picasa

This is another couple of views from Zacatecas... Posted by Picasa

I wanted to provide a "window" in onto my Mexico trip this last summer. I took this pic at Zacatecas out our hotel window. This was a lovely place to be. A medieval born city with all sorts of spanish european influence and history.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Here is a nice three generation picture of the Ladies... me, my momma, and my momma's momma (Grandma).  Posted by Picasa

This is my lovely Olivia. I groom her myself so she looks pretty weird most of the time. She's really cute in real like but seems to clam up a bit when I try to photograph her. Notice the other pic of her next to Kent and his Death Star... different hair cut. Posted by Picasa
I wanted to fill this out because its a nice way for anyone to get to know me... It might be fun to read... Or just boring.
1) What color are your kitchen plates? They are of no consequence... I'm registered for really nice Lenox ones though... they are from the Mosiaco D'Italia, the Fruttifero design.
2) What book are you reading now? I just bought two books: I've started the Douglas Adams Restuarant at the end of the Galaxy.
3) What’s on your mouse pad? Its a black Dell one that came with my computer.
4) What’s your favorite board game? I love Scrabble but can't get Kent to play b/c I win too much. We play a lot of Lord of the Rings Risk and Monopoly (either the LOTR version or regular) also I just bought Kent and I Star Wars Trivial Pursuit which he tends to win b/c he knows all the names for things better than I.
5) Favorite magazine? Lately, Yoga Journal , however, I too get sucked into the Trashy gossip magazine interest.
6) Favorite smell? Sweet Basil and Jasmine. Also, Bread or coconut macaroons baking. Also, rain on dusty summer concrete.
7) Least favorite smell? Sulfur. I found this out after bathing in the mud baths of Vulano in the Aeolien Islands... (farts and poo)
8) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? “What's it like outside, will I be able to ride my bike to work and if not how much longer can I sleep and dream before I have to wake up?” or "Coffee..."
9) Favorite color(s)? Cobalt, turquoise, aqua…all the bluey greens.
10) Least favorite color? Cold Yellows
11) How many rings before you answer the phone? I can never hear my cell phone and if its my land line I don't answer because I'm afraid its a tele-marketer or someone calling me to come into work somewhere.
12) Future child’s name? I like Sean, George, Oscar, Olivia, Stella, and Chiara. But Kent likes academic name like Lucius... his spelling so if its spelled wrong his fault for not knowing how to spell the only name he wants to name our child.
13) Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
14) Do you like to drive fast? Yes
15) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No, if you have a toy poodle to cuddle there is no need. She's warmer and softer.
16) Thunderstorms: cool or scary? Cool, escp. in Iowa. But scary if your brother, Chris, is laughing like a mad man while its storming in the middle of the night.
17) What type was your first car? Chrysler, LeBaron, convertible... cherry red. Hand me down from mom... therefore dubbed "Stormy".
18) If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? I'd like to meet O'Keefe, Kahlo, or Carrington and spend time painting with them in their studios. I've read biographies on all these ladies and have been obsessed with all of them.
19) Favorite alcoholic drink? Red Wine, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Chianti, Amarone, Brunello di Montelcino, ect.
20) What is your sign and your birthday? Aries: April 4, 1977. Chinese zodiac: snake.
21) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes, I love broccoli, all parts of it
22) If you could have any job, what would it be? Woman of leisure who paints when she gets around to it (sorry, just being honest) but in reality I'm working on being an Art Therapist.
23) If you could have any color hair, what would it be? I would want to have thick blackish brown long wavey hair but only if I could have the olive toned skin and gorgeous eyebrows to match.
24) Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Whatever
25) Favorite TYPE of movie? Mafia drama or romantic comedy.
26) Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Yes
27) What’s under your bed? My dog Olivia
28) What is your favorite number? 7
29) Favorite sport to watch? 6th graders playing football without fighting or arguing or being disrespectful to teachers on the playground during my recess duty.
30) What is your single biggest fear? Being alone and no one loving me.
31) Who will respond to this? No one because they don't need to because this isn't an annoying forward e-mail.
32) Person most unlikely to respond to this? Same as above
34) Favorite CD? Greg Brown
35) Favorite TV Show? Sex and the City
36) Ketchup or mustard? Both, please. Also pickles.
37) Hamburgers or hot dogs? Hamburgers with all kinds of junk, blu cheese, c. onions, bacon, mushrooms, pinapple ( but not all at once)
38) Favorite soft drink? Diet Dr. Pepper, I think although I never really drink much pop unless I have PMS.
39) The best place you have ever been? Florence, bar none. 2nd: Paris
40) What screen saver is on your computer right now? Just Bubbles... had a pic of Kent and I but about a year ago we got into a fight and I didn't want to look at him so I changed it off. I will probably put a nice new pic up again soon.
41) Burger King or McDonalds? BK but only when they have more star wars toys again. I don't eat much fast food unless again I'm PMSing.
42) What did you want to be when you were little? I wasn't too interested in growing up and working but I really liked to bake bread and I checked out a baking bread book about a million times from my school St. Pete's. I often think about going back there to see all my check outs and if its still there.
So there I am in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed.
Oh yeah, and welcome back from Cali, Mike, Angie and Patrick. Sounds like you had a great time!
Chris, I'd like to hear about Alaska!
Also, Mom and Pop-o I'm happy you guys had a nice time in Cancun too! Can't wait to see everyone's pics!

That's a lotta legos! Anyone want to see a picture of what Kent will look like in heaven? Posted by Picasa

Here Kent is working on his "Death Star". Posted by Picasa

I'm marrying a crazy lego man.. This is about quarter of what he has now. What can I say? Kent's wild about Legos... Does anyone have any ideas how we can focus this energy into a financially rewarding endeavor? Posted by Picasa

Lego Maniac... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dancing Ambassadors of Timeless Music
In line with the photo on the previous blog, I wanted to catch everyone up on the Social/Ballroom Dancing class. Kent and I had our first class on Monday. I think we both come from the kind of adolescence/young adulthood where we were too shy to ever partner dance very much growing up. My Pop-o tried to show me a thing or two at my cousin Sammy's wedding and again at my brother Mike's wedding. I am afraid it was a bit hopeless.
My problem is being led around... Kent and I were just discussing this before he left for work. He told me that, "resistance is futile". He's probably right. I actually close my eyes so that I can feel his lead and not try to do it. That seems to help. I imagine that leading me is like trying to lead one of those "dolly" things that move heavy crates around or an overloaded shopping cart. I'm just trying to help.
Also there is the height issue. I'm taller than my man. In order to have our arms in the right place he has to hold his arms up a bit unnaturally (at my chin?). Therefore, he starts getting lazy and I'm kinda holing his arms up there too. Then my arm get a little tired and we start getting too loose. Its funny though.
Kent is also working on improving his sense of rhythm. Something that I wouldn't mention to him directly. I don' think he believes me. All I'm saying is that the difference between his slow... slow... Quick quicks is more like slow... slow... quick... quick... very subtle.
Another thing is Kent likes to fool around a bit. While we were supposed to stay in our area Kent took free reign of the space and almost get us yelled at for "moving around" the circle too much. The class is a bit crowded so its not easy to find an ideal dancing spot. Anyone who knows Kent know his dislike of being too close to too many people at once.
Anyway, we bought a very nice mix of songs to dance too and we are going to try to get in there to practice a bit early tomorrow and maybe a little tonight. Kent even said he thinks we should do it until we become Ambassadors of timeless music. It's the title awarded to people who finish the entire lesson program. As it is now, however, I think we are going to need to take the first class over again.
I'm hoping these classes will introduce a bit of well needed romance to our week too! Working and being exhausted really sucks the life out of one's relationship. But we will continue on with it and search for the romance again and again. Any suggestions?
By the way, I was complaining that no one comments to my friends and they said that I should write something really controversial like I'm pregnant. Now, I wouldn't do that because I'm a nice person but don't make me... Ok, guys?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dancing, Clubbing and the Art of Keeping Friends
I went out last night with a very old friend. We call her S. Lo. I will post her current pic as soon as I can get one. We spent yesterday with our friends from high school catching up over dinner and visiting. Ultimately, we all partied the night away until the wee hours of the morning in clubs and bars.
In the spirit of good fun I did go to Studio 13. Again, I left underwhelmed. I lost my taste for alcohol soon after my first Bud Light beer. I'm sorry but even drenched in lemon or olives I can only barely tolerate this kind of beer. We had a pretty fun time despite the mediocre club music. I am terribly unimpressed with people's ability to dance. I was searching the crowd looking for something that I could be inspired to dance about or to and there was little to move me. Perhaps it was the night winding down or the fact that at that point in the evening I was far more interested in talking to my friends then having my hearing impaired by loud music but I was not feeling it.
I ended up leaving before my friends and waited for them in the beer garden at Gabe's. I like that place. I really liked it because Kara was there with a few of her friends and basically anyone that Kara likes I like too. She has a tendency to know good people that I never seem able to find on my own. So I was able to talk with them. High school friends (Melissa, S. Lo,and JR) found me there and we soon left and finished our evening over breakfast at Village Inn.
The Art of Keeping friends... to me that is the art of having things to talk about that matter. My whole life I struggle during conversations and with relationships that only encompass a surface degree of importance and depth. If there isn't any meat on the friendship bone I can walk away from it mid-sentence. So if I can't be real with a friend then I can't keep a friend.
Keeping friends is a slippery slope. We are constantly changing and at any given moment we may really feel like we have life figured out only to have it come crashing down all around us. I say this to remind even myself to try to never judge the lifestyles of others. Everyone has their own journey and we all should be applauded for just surviving. Anyway, my life view, in a nutshell? If you do me wrong and hurt my feelings or annoy me- I reserve my right to be pissed and protect myself the only ways I know how, otherwise let live...
I will not lie I have separated myself emotionally from almost all of my friends at one point or another. I am by no means the perfect friend. I like to think I'm learning, however and I continue to try to keep learning. Like I said before it no easy business.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Classroom archetypes
I'm just leaving my 101 psych class and I'm laughing to myself about the different types of students there are. I've been out of school for awhile and my experience in college has awarded me a bit of classroom wisdom. Out of that I can tell you a few things to avoid doing:
1. Being Mr. Or Ms. Over-generalization- This guy thinks he's really smart by taking the information and totally disassembling it into oblivion... Usually he starts his questions to the professor with, "So really what your saying is..." Usually he is totally off base.
2. Being Mr or Ms. Hard Science- This guy gets way too complicated usually throwing the whole discussion in left field. The sad part? He's really only doing it to impress classmates not for the "quest of knowledge".
3. Being Mr. Or Ms. Personal Stories- Also loves taking the discussion into pits of unusable information despair. The entire class has to endure the inappropriate banter of this person making everyone uncomfortable.
4. The ditz- always yelling out, "I don't get it!" and "Where are we?"
5. Mr. Or Ms. Stoner- only interesting in information if it relates to getting stoned, drunk, or drugs in general.
Everyone else either falls into the bored out of my mind category or the relatively interested and know how to listen and use my time usefully category. I fall somewhere into the boring wants to talk about the text and keep the class on target category.
Anyway, I was amusing myself with these observations and I hope I can help serve others entertainment with them too!

Working harder and smarter but just scraping by...
I just got paid from my school job and am continually blown away how low the pay is. We are paid on contract so everything is taken out... IPERS, Social Security, insurance, and the regular taxes. Usually that ends up being about a quarter of my pay. The school district assumes that people working associate jobs are in two income homes. Sometimes, I feel that they should make this job on a volunteer basis only if they are not going to pay us respectfully.
I got this job for two or three major reasons:
1. Insurance.
2. Experience. That covers getting myself out of the restaurant business and getting myself into graduate school.
However, at what sacrifice?
At the sacrifice of getting into huge financial debt? Associates have cars to pay for, student loans to pay down, and lives to continue living. My father told me that minimum wage is too high. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that. He must be considering minimum wage out of the context of standard of living and the economy today. He told me that in Mexico that lower wage workers learn to live without some of the modern so-called necessities. So I started riding my bike to work as well... At the same time I'm trying to reach for a higher bracket on the "social/economical caste system" by taking classes to get into a specific field (something someone should have told me about a long time ago). I've got to say.. I don't even have the added element of a family to rear, and this kind of life is EXHAUSTING... I work up to three jobs a week, basically being exploited for my hard work at every one of them, and study and try to lead a normal life with friends and a boyfriend... I feel ready to collapse at the end of the night. Is this normal? Is this life and I'm not up to the challenge? Kent also works like this. He also takes pride in his work and works to his own high standards. He too suffers exhaustion resulting in frustration and at times, anxiety and depression.
This topic really leads me into a whole other ball of wax... Somethings I shouldn't get into probably ever if not just for the moment. But I will say that the education system is starting to be more capitalistic than it is educational. The human brain doesn't stop developing until sometime in early college. Therefore, it needs routine, guidance and role modeling to shape one into a productive and life-ready person. Where are these models for the average student in a university of about 28,000?
A lot for the mind to chew on... Sorry looks like payday is going to turn into "rant" day.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Russ Berberwich (I really have never learned how to spell or say this man's name... I am, to this day, accused of sounding like Cindy Brady when I say it... Missing in action. I definitly want him at my wedding. If anyone is privy to the whereaboouts of this man post here. Posted by Picasa

Wedding at the Art Museum
I worked at the art museum again last night and witnessed another spectacular wedding there. I think I may have to try again and try harder to have my wedding there. I met "Buffy, " the lady I spoke with on the phone about my wedding before. She was as high maintenance and difficult last night as she was on the phone. I think the deal is that she doesn't want to be in charge of this sort of thing. Bottom line, if it was up to her I don't think she's even do it at all. Having weddings there probably brings in a good amount of revenue and she has no choice.
The good news is that she just hired an events coordinator and I won't have her to deal with next time I call. I asked her last night and she thought this new employee might be starting within the next couple of weeks. I think I will try again. It really is the most beautiful and appropriate place to have a wedding to me. I also found a great new link for Iowa City. Check it out if and when you want to look into your visit to the area. Around the time of my wedding will be a few music festivals. For example, this weekend was the women's music festival, next weekend is the Mud River music festival, and we had our Renaissance festival last weekend. Also, for anyone interested- it will be FOOTBALL season. Therefore, you may be able to catch a Hawks game while your here. If you're not too biased, that is.
Anyway, back to the wedding... I saw a few great things that I wanted to take note of from last night.
1. I really want to project pictures on the wall of the museum during the reception.
2. I want the wedding on the patio. Much better view of the Iowa River. Also it wasn't buggy at all so I'm pretty happy about that!
3. This was the second wedding I've been to where there was a rented audio system hooked up to a computer with the music programmed into it. A friend or relative could pick up the microphone and give speeches at leisure or cue up any song they felt like! I think that with all my smart friends and family someone with a laptop should be able to hook me up here! Whaddya say guys? Christopher... loving, dear, sweet brother? Are you in?
4. There was a very unique Norwegian cake there that I thought would me nice to honor Kent's mysterious genetic background. It was very cute and added a nice touch.
5. I must remember to ensure that the rental agency provides set up and breakdown. I am thinking of going with the cedar Rapids based company called Speilman's. Also I need to delegate out the task of someone receiving the rental items and taking inventory of them before they leave. I will need to have a copy of the invoice upon agreement of services.
6. Someone will need to set up lights and candles before the event.
7. Someone will need to be the "Person in the know" who is willing to take on last minute show problem stress... Preferably not my parents as I want them to really relax at this point. I think handing me off to Kent will be stress enough for them. This person will also be responsible for handing out tips and checking on progress of florist and caterer.
8. I will need people to be responsible for taking home leftovers for next day and people to take gifts for next day.
9. I think the ceremony should definitely be at 7 pm. This was a perfect time with the sky turning pink for dusk.
10. My friend Kara said she would make my appetizer trays such at fruit, veggies, and antipasto. I think I should have 3 fruit, 2 veggie and two antipasto. Also I think that the turkey meatballs were nice... two chaffers of those might be good. As I said before, I think that Jimmy Jake's can do the salmon. I will probably have Liz Weinberg (local foodie) in charge of catering. I was thinking that a risotto might me fun (could I have truffles in my risotto?- I don't know, pretty fancy). For meat... I haven't decided. Most importantly, I want there to be bruschetta. Anyone, catching on to an Italian theme? I think I'm most excited about the food and the atmosphere. If you have those things down EVERYONE is happy.
Well, lastly I wanted to mention to you all that Kent and I are taking our first ballroom dance class tomorrow. I watched Richard Gere and J-Lo to gere up for it. Should be fun and perhaps even interesting enough to write about so keep informed!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm posting right now during a 5 minute break from my gen. psych class.
Its been a pretty weird day but I like that. I feel good when I have multiple purposes to my day. I can't help but feel a little weird as an older student in an intro community college class. I am careful not to be too much of a "talker" in order not decrease further humiliation onto my charachter. I feel a little like Sara B. at the Renaissance Fair.
Anyway, today at my school job I'm struggling to gain the respect and command of a pretty rowdy crowd of football playing 6th graders. Trying to establish this can involve polotics of order in the school system. Much like the blame game of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (federal, local, state) I am caught trying to reach an end result through complicated channels. I suppose this kind of government is found anywhere.
well, gotta get upstairs to class!
We are learning about neurons, axons, and neuron potential, ect.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I got up early this morning and made myself a couple of eggs.
Isn't that interesting?

Monday, September 05, 2005

******Comments posting changes******
I made changes to my settings and realized I could make it so anyone can post without being a blogger... So there are no excuses anymore! Post away!
I just remembered that I do have a slight rant about last night.
I went to Studio 13 at about 1:30 am (thirty minutes to close) and they expected us to pay $10 cover just to dance and buy their drinks for a half hour! That is ridiculous. I was stopped by a 13 year old looking blond boy and told I couldn't enter. I may have to ban this bar after 10 years of loyal patronage and getting my dance on.
This bar is a hole in the wall piece of crap. Its completely lame and unimpressive but they pretty much have a monopoly on the dance scene in Iowa City. The only other places to go dance cater to the student meat market. This is the only acceptable place to be seen dancing but its completely underwhelming. Because of this they almost always charge cover and they charge too much for their drinks. Hence, my reasoning for waiting until the last minute to spend my money and time there.
Big Mistake Studio 13. Find a new door-boy!
Katy's first day off in forEVER!
Today is my first day off in a long time. I went out last night and lived like I was 21 again. Today, I actually feel like I don't have a hang over so my body must still be convinced that I'm 21. Usually, after a night like that I would be in bed with an ice pack on my head. Pretty cool!
Anyway, I had a really crazy dream last night that I can't get out of my head. There was a hurricane and I was in it and Kent was an Indian (Bangkok, India not un-p.c. Native American) doctor. He was also much taller than me and had a massive chest and, frankly, I'm not sure his name was Kent. he he. There wasn't any naughtiness. So its not like I cheated subconsciously or anything! Yikes. Pretty weird, though. Where did this man come from?
My family seems to scattering all over the world this labor day. I heard through the grapevine that my brother Mike and his family are taking their son to Disneyland. Man, that sounds like fun. Then Chris and his wife are headed up to Alaska for a cruise. Lastly, my parents are going down to Cancun to meet up with our Scouse friends Lin and Brian. That really sounds good. I bet Alaska is going to be beautiful, too. Damn. I wish I was going somewhere. But I had my vacation, too, this summer. As many of you know, I was in Mexico with my parents who live there for two weeks. I may post those pictures in the future as well.
Anyway, godspeed to all you family members out there! I'm thinking about you! Sorry I'm horrible about sending birthday cards and spending my money on presents and stuff but I really do care. I'll be rich one day and send you lots of fun presents then. I promise- and I have all these witnesses to vouch for that.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'd like to encourage more of you readers to create profiles for yourselves and post comments! You don't have to keep up a website to use your profile to post. Its safe and I'd like to hear from more of you!

Glacier Nat'l Park circa 1976. Posted by Picasa

Here some pictures from earlier years. You can't see me in the Glacier Nat'l Park picture but as the legend goes... I was concieved during this vacation. So I always like to share this picture and pretend that I'm secretly in it. Sorry Momma... its too good to keep to myself. As for this other picture.. Its always been my favorite. Mom and I were best firends during those first few years in Beaver Dam, WI. She will tell you that I was attached to her leg. I think this picture demonstrated that bond in a very loving and adorable way. I also want to point out how beautiful my mother is. She looked one of Da Vinci's portraits. Posted by Picasa
The Girls
This picture was too good not to share. My girls and I had planned to go wedding dress shopping in Cedar Rapids yesterday. Unfortunately, due to the Labor Day weekend, the shop closed too early to carry out plans. Desperate not to lose an evening of fun with these remarkable women (from the left: me, Genevieve, Sara and Melissa) , we went to the Renaissance Festival in Middle Amana instead. Melissa and Gen had two glasses of Bacardi Raz, Sara had one Shild Brau and I had two. Somehow on that small amount of alcohol we all got bombed. I think that someone may have roofied (sp?) us at the Medieval festival! I'm kidding, I'm sure that we all are just weenies when it comes to partying.
Anyway, we were all very giddy from all the Old English speak around and couldn't stop making fools of ourselves and laughing hysterically.
It was Sara B.s first R. Fair and she was a bit scared of all the dorkiness. You really have to abandon yourself to your inner nerd when you go to one of these things. She caught on pretty quickly, though. He he he.
We sat for our portrait which I'd say looks pretty darn accurate. I mean, I double for Pamela Anderson all the time. I wasn't surprised at all when I saw myself come out looking like her. Everyone walked away saying, "Oh, wasn't he such a nice man." He even managed to elevate Genevieve's self esteem and she's already near perfectly proportioned.
Anyway, the wedding planning wasn't a total loss because I got the name of a very nice harpist who happens to live in Cedar Falls where my parents may be moving. Also, you can never underestimate female bonding time.
We polished off the evening with dinner at the Olive Garden (I had my standard Zuppa Toscana, salad and breadsticks) and we drank a pitcher of Sangria. It was a very nice evening. The bride to be (me) got super tired early as I had gotton up at 5:30 am to manage and prep The Bread Garden (my second job) for the first Hawkeye football game of the season. Yes, Pop-o, it was another disastrous win. Hawkeyes crucify football ethics to start out with a moral building win, again! Sorry. Homecoming should be nuts. We play Illinois (I hope I don't work that game, blech). Anyway, my team and I will regroup and try dress shopping again a different weekend when the shop dubbed (by us) "Big Girl Bridal" is open.
Happy Labor Day to all you employed people out there and especially to all you restaurant workers who aren't allowed the pleasure of "Labor Day". Men and women, such as my Kent, are working double shifts on Labor Day just so the rest of us don't have to bother to cook on our day off. Love ya!

The Talented Genevieve Nelson
It is my pleasure to introduce the lovely and talented Genevieve Bello Nelson. She has been my pal for... ever. Why are we such good friends? We're like coffee and chocolate or sweet and salty because we have completely different styles but we compliment each other perfectly. She's a duck and everything in life slides right off her. Me? I'm a sponge. I soak it all in and then make a huge mess of it later after I reach my capacity. She is the most hilarious person I know and somehow when I'm with her I can't stop laughing. Lastly, one of the most important things people should know about her is that she is the most loyal friend a person could have. It's not easy to pass her "entrance exam" but once your in her world is open to you and its like you've made a new family. I have been inducted into her huge Filipino family (I ate the squid) and named "Katy Bello". She's one of those friends that always has your back. If someone does you wrong they've done her wrong and if someone has done HER wrong, well, just look out. This has introduced the famous Genevieve phrase, "Dead to me." Anyway, I almost got blacklisted for not having her on my website but I hope these kind words ease that pain, Viv. Afterall, everyone, she is the Matron of Honor and deserves our respect. Let us all get down on our knees and grovel at her feet... *groveling* Posted by Picasa