Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back to wedding business again...
I wanted to post another offer for anyone coming to my wedding to request a song... I want to put together a nice list... Think of it this way...
If I request it it will for sure be played but its more of a gamble and a pain in the ass to request while your having fun dancing.

Today I took JR and Genevieve to Heart to Heart. Gen's dress is really nice and I'm so glad JR was able to get fitted today. All the kiddos were there and everyone did such a nice job in the store. Jr's daughter tried on her dress and she has shot up in height since she last put on the model dress and... Wow... does she look lovely.

Spending time with her makes me think of Kurt (my future brother in law) and his kiddos... The girls (Lindsey & Lauren) and their brother AJ have been in Jamacia and we didn't even know if they would be able to attend the wedding or be stateside. I will find a special place for them at our wedding, too. I think I'll post a picture of them since I'm thinking of them... (the pic is from the day before our engagement... Christmas Eve, 2004).

Today was my first day on the Jenny Craig diet. The food is good and it satisfies. I had to go grocery shopping to get my fruits and veggies. Its a lot of investment so I hope it pays off. I'll continue to post to update how I like it and about my progress.

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