Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's a girl?
Well, after about an hour of poking and prodding around my belly they, "Guess its a girl." I'm not convinced. I wish I had something a little more conclusive to share. You see, first it was hiding its genitalia behind its hand, then it was hiding in back of my belly button, then it was hiding its genitalia behind the umbilical cord. They said they didn't see anything poking out and tried to show me where they though there were three lines representing the labia were. Hmmmm... A friend compared my baby's hiding to an Austin Power's movie where there is always something hiding the naughty something. I thought, "Well if it is a girl then she must be a "Venus de Milo": so full of chastity ;)."


Chet & Gini said...

You just have a modest little one there!

Missy said...

When we checked to see what Charlie was to become he said, "It's a boy!" "Wait - I'm 80% sure it's a boy" "Come back in 2 weeks".