Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year (pregnant style) to you too!
Well, today is my last day of holiday break before going back to work tomorrow (that should be interesting). Tomorrow will be a full day, as well, because I have caucusing and a doctor's appointment.
Today I am at 36 weeks. One more week makes my baby full term and I could go into labor any day. My advice has been to enjoy this time before baby and I feel I have, for the most part. Being home while Kent is at work as well as having friends and family out of town has been admittedly boring and has increased the feelings of "waiting". Moving around isn't very fun but I have floated in a pool and gone for a walk amongst the snow and ice.
Olivia didn't like that very much. About half way through the walk she looked at me dejectedly with her tail between her legs. I resolved to picking her up for a spell and sticking her in my coat for a little warm up. The walk was OK but I had the urge to pee for most of it.
As for the New Year... It was a really nice one. Kent had to work. I had friends over for dinner. I made tater-tot casserole which was agreeable with everyone including the kiddos. The chocolate milk was also a huge hit! We ate left over holiday sweets for dessert. At about 8pm everyone went to their respective New Year's plans.
I went with Melissa and Sara for our regular poker group. I enjoyed watching as my friends got inebriated and acted silly and racked in the dough (a whole $6.05 above my $5 buy in) at the end of the night! I drove home the drunkies and then settled in with my sleeping hubby for the night.
The next morning, Kent made me breakfast and we had a very relaxing and cozy New Year's day. He built his LEGO deathstar and I knitted the baby blanket I've been working on for Baby "O" (sorry, I didn't take any pictures of my adventures).
I guess I just need to hang in there. This coming weekend Kent and I have our birthing class and the following weekend is the Baby shower. After that- Baby "O" is welcome anytime.

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Rissa said...

Sounds like you have kept yourself busy, keep us posted with the baby news!