Saturday, August 30, 2008

Someone called me "Ma Ma" today.
Well, it happened. You are a mom the day you give birth to your baby. Thereafter, everyone calls you Mom. But its a whole new ballgame when someone only knows you by the name, "Ma Ma" isn't it?
Mom said that I should have taught her to say Da Da. So, as soon as I could I got her to repeat, "Da Da" and she did. So, I'm telling Daddy she's saying Da Da.
All week long I kept giving her the hairy eyeball for "pretending to chew" all week. Little did I know that she was practicing the mouth movements to say our names.
p.s. happy 7 month birthday, Lucia (a day late).


Chet and Gini said...

Congratulations! Most babies say Da Da first because "d" is easier than "m". Most mothers, who once her baby has said Da Da, go around the house repeating "ma ma ma ma ma mamamamam..." We all want to hear those words. Funny thing is the day will come that you will want to say, can't you just go to Da Da?

Sarah L. said...

Yah!!! I miss that lucy lucy loo.