Friday, September 26, 2008

The First week of Fall
Lucia and I have really been enjoying the best season that Iowa has to offer: Autumn. This week we were invited out to a friend of a friend's farm to pick more apples and harvest some of the garden. I now have a fridge full of Italian large leaf parsley, red, green, and yellow apples, peppers, and lots and lots of tomatoes. I have big dreams for the weekend of making plenty of pesto (some for fresh and some for freezing), bruschetta, and apple confections.
Tonight Lucia joined my friends and I in our annual tradition of watching the Homecoming Parade. Lately, either one, some or all of the Coghill-Behrends' have been in the parade and our dear Sara B. had been in the parade since her employment with Big Brothers Big Sister. So Melissa, Genevieve and I gather up what kids are not in the parade and find a nice spot to watch. I love the excitement of hearing the bands, cheering on my favorite causes while listening while Iowa City boos conservative causes (sorry republican Oberts and others- just close your ears). I live in a VERY liberal college town and republicans are few and far in between. However, republicans, you will be happy to know many of the people I love most in the world or planning to vote McCain/Palin.
Afterwards, Genevieve, Joshua, Lucia and I got a Whitey's Pumpkin milkshake had some dinner and a glass of Merlot at the Bread Garden Bakery and Cafe then left Joshua run off some steam in the downtown playground. Its nights like tonight that I'm happy and proud to live here in IOWA CITY and to be a HAWKEYE! GO HAWKS!
(If my family picks on us, Hawkeyes- I will need you to represent!)


Chet and Gini said...

Sounds like a perfect week. I agree that the is nothing like Fall in the Mid West. It's my favorite time of year. This weekend I an going to the Johnnycake Hollow Fest, will get some pumpkins and straw to decorate with and then will get about 5 dozens years of corn to blanch and freeze.

Mike and Annette said...

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Cooler weather, beautiful colors, apples, pumpkins, and best of all HALLOWEEN!!! Most years, I get apples, and freeze apple pie fillings, and freeze cooked pumpkin for pies. It's not even Oct. yet and I am dying to get out my Halloween decorations. Maybe next week, I have a new one I am excited to show off.

Katy said...

Wow... Is this the first year that I have my Halloween decos out before my mother?