Thursday, February 05, 2009

SHE'S #1!
Lucia's first Birthday was a blast. It was also a wrecking ball to our energy. We were really wiped out by the end of the day! Thanks to Scott and Emily for the wine (what a great 1st birthday gift!). We had crazy town downstairs where all the kiddos went BANANAS. In the words of Quincy, "The real party's downstairs guys!". We catered pizza, sugar free cupcakes, veggies, fruit, soda and chocolate cake. All our friends and neighbors were there. As were the grandparents. I had ambitions that included games but the kids were just having too much fun being wild. We let them free. I have a letter to write including Lucia's development but the more active she becomes the less time I have for those kinds of indulgences. Not to mention I've been using ever spare moment reading that damn Twilight series. All in all, our little one is grown and doing wonderfully. I have our family doctor fooled that I'm the best mother she's ever met. I give Lucia all the credit for that one. It's easy to be a good mommy when the baby is such a pleasure and dream to raise. I told Kent we shouldn't have any more kids because it couldn't get much easier than Lucia!


Sarah L. said...

i love how lucia is turned to you so intently as you talk to her in that top picture.

Frankenfinger said...

Wheres the picture of her comatose after the cake?