Sunday, May 17, 2009

I predict I will swoon at the sight of Alex Meraz when I go see New Moon. Is he old enough for me to swoon at?


Katy said...

Phew- he's 24 and has a kid... I just wikipediaed him...Nothing illegal here folks... move along.

Just Repulsed said...

Is he a vamp?

Katy said...

no... Are you?
You would be if you are repulsed.

Anonymous said...

Hello Katy,
My name is Moana Mescher and we met sometime ago at Mercer Pool. I had input info from your business card into my address book, but I must have done something wrong because it is not there! I was trying to email you about your daycare. I'm interested in a spot and hope there is still room. Please email me at Sorry for "barging in" on your personal blog, but I had your daycare blog saved to my favorites and headed over hear to contact you!
Moana Mescher

Rissa said...

I LOVE the werewolves!