Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kent and I made our trip over to Solon to see the chapel last night. Being there with him and seeing his approval and interest really sparked me back into a better attitude about things. We figure we will be able to swing the chapel retainer fee and our picture package so I can stop worrying about money a bit.
The lady who organizes the tours and the chapel rental is named Luanne. She was very sweet.
Some fun things about the chapel are that it was originally a catholic church so it has the illusion of a catholic wedding for my family's sake. I can bring in my own officiant so I won't be put in an unethical situation.
Kent and I are allowed to ring the bell after.
Here are the things that I need to remember about having the chapel on the day of our wedding:
1. I need to assign someone to be the last one out and to have all the flower petals swept up and garbage taken out, ect.
2. We can bring in our own unity candle if we want.
3. There are multiple entrances to the facility if Kent and I decide we don't want to see each other before the ceremony.
4. We can decorate and bring in flowers but we can't use tape or nail anything so everything will need pipecleaners tied on or rubber bands or string.
5. As of now, we can have a runner if we want.
6. The chapel has plenty of white candles if we want.
After our trip to the chapel Kent and I went to get a bite to eat and a beer at Baxa's Sutliff store and tavern right across the street from the Sutliff bridge. That was a really cute fun place. We walked out on the bridge and looked at the stars after.
When we got home Kent and I went over the engagement pictures again to get ready to order today.
So now that Kent has spent a little more time with me about things I don't feel so bad about not having support. I just can't feel alone doing this stuff. I have too much on my mind on top of making trips to look all over for wedding stuff.

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