Saturday, March 25, 2006

Inspiration and creativity

"It was right that I had gone to Europe, if only because I could look again with wonder. Past certain ages or certain wisdoms it is very difficult to look with wonder; it is best done when one is a child; after that, and if you are lucky, you will find a bridge of childhood and walk across it. Going to Europe was like that. It was a bridge of childhood, one that led over the seas and through the forests straight into my imagination's earliest landscapes. One way or another I had gone to a good many places, from Mexico to Maine, and then to think I had to go all the way to Europe to go back to my hometown, my fire and room where stories and legends seemed always to live beyond the limits of our town. And that is where the legends were: in the harp, the castle, the rustling of the swans." - Truman Capote.

Tonight, I watched Capote. As with almost all biographies I get pretty deeply involved. Here is a list of people I have been obsessed with, from either books or film or artwork, in the past:

-Carrington (by Gretchen Gerzina) about Dora Carrington (love of Lyntton Strachy).
-Vincent Van Gogh... I can't even list all the things that inspire me about him.
-Georgia O'Keefe and her love affair with Alfred Stieglitz
-Rosa Bonheur
-Judy Chicago
-Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (I've always been fascinated with the artist in love with artist stories - escp. If the man is somehow unattainable such as gay, womanizer, or simply not a woman, ect...)
-Jim Morrison
-Francis Ford Coppola
-Da Vinci
-Elisabeth Eaves (stripper who wrote a book).
-my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my family

Anyway, I love feeling inspired by things. I could use more inspiration in my life. I am most easily inspired when I have time alone. Its very ironic because lately I have been harboring a fear of loneliness. Maybe I'm afraid to be left alone with my thoughts... Anyway, blogging has been highly therapeutic for me. I hope it does something to improve my writing abilities. I used to write friends and family great letters. My letters were real prizes. Since e-mail that has been lost. I should write a letter to someone, again.

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