Saturday, March 25, 2006

Major Update time!

My good buddy JR is finally back from France and I am happy for it. I was sad that he was gone. When I do get a moment with him I look forward to hearing first hand everything that happened there. I have been dreaming of going back to Europe for some time now.
In the meantime Kent and I have been suffering the terrible cold that has taken Iowa City by storm. It starts as a dull pain in your chest and then moves up to your sinuses, ears and eyes. Such a horrible way to live. I'm pretty much over it other than the green sludge I've been blowing through my nose these days and lingering ear blockage.
As for wedding news everything is more or less finished. We still don't have ceremony music so I'm thinking of just getting a boombox in there and play a cd with all the important music on it. I have been advised by the Longbranch Best Western to inform everyone to get their reservations in as early as possible. My invitations have come in. In fact, they came in over a week ago but Kent failed to relay the message that they came in from the answering machine. Men... Can't live with 'em -can't kill 'em. So I should be able to get that out soon. The planning of the rehearsal dinner is still in the works but not settled as of yet. I finally booked a DJ,
Rock and Thunder DJs. That was really the last thing on my list. Mom and I are still working on centerpieces. They are a bit challenging but I will see her next weekend probably and we will get it figured out then.
I cleaned most of the apartment today so that has been a good feeling. I have a short list of things to do today: Deposit BG check, rent Capote, wash linens from our sickness (bleach), print out resume for job applications. I need a single job that will make me a living wage. I'm too old and tired to be working multiple jobs and I need more time for myself, working out, eating right, preparation for marriage. Someday, I may want to make a baby with Kent too and I will need to make a nest egg for that, too. Also, I need to pay off my credit cards and start building a savings account.
Well, I've gone off enough for one day. I think I'm going to get ready to really start my day!
p.s. My birthday is coming up (April 4th!). I'm going to be an old and crotchety 29 years old. I'm having family and friends at Cafe Dodici in Washington, IA. I'm very excited about it! Good food (voted best in the area), good wine, good company, and good dessert.
p.p.s. I found out my Aussie friend, Kara, won't be back until June or July!!! That's too long!!! I'm really missing her. Good for her for staying out of this black hole we all call Iowa City, tho'.
p.p.s.s. My friends here and I are working on a Baby Shower for our dear friend Genevieve. She due to have a boy at the end of May! I pray she has a safe delivery. She was so thin and she is so uncomfortable. I see now how much women suffer to bring their families into the world. I also pray for a happy future and world for the baby, and all my friends' children to live in. Watching the news makes me nervous to bring new life into the world as much as I want to. But life must go on! They are much stronger than I am, however. I'm too much of the sensitive artist type.

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