Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK, People... I have a gianormous mysterious white dress hanging in my living room. How am I supposed to keep myself from wearing this for Kent in the next month. It's so fun to wear. I feel like that Friends episode where Phoebe and Rachel lounge around the apartment eating bon-bon in full wedding dress attire.
At least I get to look pretty for no reason tomorrow. I have my "bridal sitting". Apparently, its very important to document the way I look right now at 29 before I lose my looks. Bah! Listen... I'm only gonna get better folks! It will be fun.
I had my practice hair-do day yesterday. I woke up with a hangover from the product in my hair this morning. I actually took a shower before my workout with hope that my headache would go away. Or maybe it was all that eyeliner.... Or maybe it was the gin?... I mean, WHO KNEW!?!?!?


Chet & Gini said...

Weddings seem to be a lot more complicated - glad you are enjoying it all!

Mike and Annette said...

I cant wait to see how beautiful you were in the photos. I sure hope the 'headache' was gone by that time.