Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I hurt my foot and am very grumpy.
Many days of exercise and fun are slowly escaping down the drain because of it.
I went to occupational health and waited...
I got into a room and waited so long I fell asleep and took an undisturbed nap, woke up and then waited some more...
They sent me to get X-rays and I waited....
I was sent back to occupational health and was told that there is a chip on my ankle bone but it looks old so I have to come back in a week and wait some more.

I was slightly rude and actually wandered/limped out into the hallway and hollered, "Did anyone forget about me in here?!?!"

So I'm on mobility restrictions and have to wear a brace.

Argh... This annoys me.

You know what else gets my goat? When people don't sign off "love" on letters. It totally ruins the card or letter for me. It's just my thing.
I made Kent start signing cards to family members with "Love". He does it all the time now and everytime he does it- I smile because it takes so little effort to show that affection for someone who doesn't like displays of that sort of thing.

So remember, "LOVE- so and so" Afterall, the Beatles said it, "All you need is love."


Missy said...

Oh, I hope that brace comes off before the big day. Even though you would still look beautiful hobbling down the aisle, it might take some of the affect away. I had a friend that twisted her ankle on her bachelorette night; she was a little wasted and danced anyway. Needless to say she wasn’t wearing her wedding shoes on the big day, she wore a HUGE brace. Moral is – if they say stay off of it you better. The waiting bites.
LOVE Missy.

Mike and Annette said...

Yes, you do sound grumpy. I sure hope you are feeling better today. I am sure you will be dancing without the brace at the wedding.
LOVE, mom.

Katy said...

You guys are hilarious with the,
LOVE business...
You can not sign off on the blog. But you miss it on a birthday card or a handwritten letter-
Watch out!
Foot is feeling much better today. I think I'll survive.
Much happier today.