Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It was a very special Christmas. Mom kept saying, "Ohhhhhhh! I don't want today to end!"
Christmas is her favorite thing in the whole world second to any grandbabies that come her way...
I had the pleasure of giving some very special gifts as well as receiving a few.

For giving:
I got my honorable father-in-law overalls and a denim hat to match... I will post a pic. His father was Kent's favorite person growing up. He had a farm and kept squirrels (sort of like pets) in the bibs of his overalls and would feed them little things from time to time (as Kent tells the story). He would also get up in the middle of a meal because he thought he heard a rabbit or a raccoon getting into things and shoot his shotgun out at the yard.
Anyway, Duane was delighted by his overalls and hat. He put them on right away. I got down on my hands and knees and I folded up the cuffs to mark where they should be hemmed. I took them to my mom to hem and back to CR on the way home. When we drove up into the Olson's driveway Duane popped out of no where for his overall almost as if he had been waiting for them all morning long.
I got our nephew AJ (you may remember him as the usher at my wedding) a PSP game-thingy. He was confused by our generosity and we had to convince him that he could take it home with him.

For Getting:
Aunt Gini put together a very special collection of Obert memories. The complaint letters made me laugh out loud and a few of the stories choked up tears in my throat. All x-mas morning Dad, Mom and I read excerpts out loud and laughed and shared.
Excellent gift Gini. Good job putting that disclaimer in the front too! Way to stay one step ahead of the game! If someone has a different recollection they can write it in! It would be cool to see all the different versions of the same story.

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