Friday, November 30, 2007

My New Hobby
Just wanted to let you all my new favorite thing to do is cuddle in my bed listening to NPR and doing a crossword puzzle. Surprisingly, I'm not knitting. However, I am nesting so the rest comes after a vigorous cleaning of the household- organizing drawers, scrubbing floors, laundry cooking, baking and dishes.
Doctor Visit
Yesterday, I visited my doctor. My friends tut-tut me because I'm not going to a specialized OB. Anyway, I like my doctor because she has a real laid back approach. I'll be going every two weeks now. The baby seems to be a persistent breech which means I may get that third ultrasound yet. Still no good specific word on the sex of the baby. Maybe I'll be in a "go get 'em - I want to see the doctor of this place" mood next time and insist on a professional word from the doctor. I hate getting second rate care from techs. Last time the tech gave me a mouth full of information that was (as my doctor put it) wrong and that she shouldn't have done that. Must be hard when the patient doesn't even get to see/talk to the doctor.
Anyway, the appointment went well and she estimated the baby a little "longer" than average. The heartbeats were normal but on the lower side (some say this is a sign that its a boy). I know the "tech" told me she things its a girl but I still can't help wondering if its a boy...

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Mike and Annette said...

Glad to hear your dr. visit went well enough. Anxious to hear if it is a girl or boy. But will be thrilled with either.