Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Kent and I had a quiet night at home receiving trick or treaters. Our yard, ala Momma Obert, was decorated for the occasion. I had to dress in a costume for school that day but promptly took it off upon arrival home as my belly buldge was making me uncomfortable in the clothes I scraped up in my closet for a pirate costume. There is photographic evidence of that costume- However I am not in possession of it. Olivia wore her "ladybug" costume. We got to see Hannah, Damond and Quincy, Liam and Mae and last but not least Josh in his Elmo costume. I forgot to take pictures of the former children (Sorry!). They were all adorable! We did get a few "Older" trick or treaters... I think one of them was about thirty with her daughter. We had plenty, if not too much, candy and low turnout so I gave the "older" ones candy nonetheless (and No, JR, Melissa, and Sara I'm not talking about you guys!). Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!


Rissa said...

Cute Olivia! Brad won't let me dress up our furry guy.

Oh and where may get possession of that photographic evidence?

Chet & Gini said...

I'll bet it was fun decorating your own home!

Mike and Annette said...

The house looks great! Olivia does not look to happy to be a ladybug!
i hope your first Halloween in your own house was a fun one. Still wanting to see what you looked like on Halloween.

SarahandJD said...

Katy, Your house is so cute. I just can't get over your havinga baby! I am thrilled! Stay in touch -sarah