Saturday, August 25, 2007

(above from left to right: "The cousins"- Me, Kent, Shelly, Chis, Jared(?), Lisa and Joel)
Lisa and Joel got married Sept. 22nd, 2006 and had their reception this last month.
I have the utmost respect for all the women before me who have endured this thing called, "Pregnancy."

I'm at about 17 weeks and still puke in the morning. I have a pinched nerve where my leg meets my hip.I'm EXHAUSTED and I have acne like a teenager. I have another friend who is just as pregnant as I but her pregnancy has gone much smoother than mine.

At about week 15 Kent and I went to Colorado for a reception for a cousin of his. We camped some and, thankfully, were able to check into a motel for a few nights. Camping the first night was nightmarish. I don't think I slept more than an hour. It got better the two nights that followed. We camped at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden, CO. There is a gorgeous view of about 10+ mountain from a lookout in that park. Kent and I went for a very nice hike (minus the up-mountain hike portion of the hike) to that Panoramic point.

Kent's mother, Elaine, his Aunt Kay and cousin Shelly and Chris (any of you remember the guy yelling for someone to take him to breakfast during gift opening at my wedding?) stayed in Evergreen. That was a very quaint touristy town.Turned out that Shelly is only a week or two less pregnant than I!!! She is also having a fabulous complaint free pregnancy. She had been trying a very long time and had to endure a lot to conceive.

Kent and I had the best time in Denver where we saw the Cubs play the Rockies, went to the zoo, the aquarium and to the art museum. I LOVED DENVER! I would live there if it wasn't for having to drive a million miles around mountains to get anywhere. I also don't like the idea of driving through Nebraska anytime soon.

Now to tie in the Pregnancy to all this... Kent and I haven't seen a whole lot of each other. Kent wakes up to the sound of my retching in the morning but hasn't experienced all my emotional and physical changes.

Chris (Shelly's husband) is, lets face it, a loud mouthed, loving, hilarious Italian man. He is VERY involved in every stage of the pregnancy as he too waited and worried as they were trying to conceive. You could often Chris and Kent hiding somewhere to smoke what they professed was another one of their precious last cigarettes (that was more Chris than Kent). Shelly laid an ultimatum on Chris but I know better with Kent. You need to know when to strike, choose your battles, and expect nothing. Kent always performs but on his terms (usually). Kent has a prescribtion for Chantix but hasn't gotton it filled yet. Its going to happen when he's ready. I credit Chris for preparing my husband emotionally for the coming of our baby. Thank you so much Chris!

I honestly think Kent didn't know what to think (and sometimes still doesn't) when in comes to becoming a Dad and having a family. I think its been drilled into Kent's head for so long that it's something naughty or wrong to get a woman pregnant that he's adjusting to the idea that its okay now and actually very welcomed by our families. Guys are weird and programmed sometimes (no offense).

Kent was able to laugh and joke with Chris about their upcoming new roles. It was very nice to see. I always feel really good when I see Kent off with a friend (that doesn't make my skin crawl). He is generally a home body and its a relief when he gets out socially.

Lastly, I have quit my job folks... Don't ask. Long story. My last day is next Wednesday. I think we'll be okay but it is worrisome. I'm working on a plan. I might like to take this opportunity to see some family. Mom and I talked about the possibility of meeting my niece Madeline or going to see Grandma (+family) in Ohio. I love going to Ohio.

Oh, one more thing... The new house is coming along. Kent and I are in no rush to make everything perfect all at once. We will paint the baby's room after we find out the sex. I just read a friend's blog wehre she is also pregnant and she's WAY more on the ball then I have been. I have an appointment next week to get blood work done. My doctor calls it the "Big OB" exam. Then we will schedule an ultrasound. Pretty exciting even if there are no guarantees that they will be able to distinguish the sex.

Anyone have votes or suggestions for names?

Here are the current possibilities in order of likelihood that we will actually name our kid this:

Boys (According to me I'm having a boy):

  1. Michael "Mikey" Anthony (which is funny because this is a prominent name in my family that I could never spell and let me add that it was at Kent's suggestion).

  2. Martin "Marty"

  3. Evan

Girls (according to Mom and Kent they want a girl)

  1. Annette "Annie"

  2. Vivian "Vi Vi"

  3. Kara


Mike Angie Patrick Aaron said...

Michael is always a great name. But before naming your baby Michael Anthony - listen to the song "Running with the Devil" and remember that the genious responsible for that base line is Michael Anthony. Van Halen had some wonderful talent - Michael Anthony really wasn't one of them. That whole song consists of three notes in the bass line.

Mike Angie Patrick Aaron said...

Sorry for the typo in that last post. "base" is wrong - its "bass"

Chet & Gini said...

I think Annette would be wonderful for a girl

Katy said...

Ha Ha! I had no idea about the bass player of Van Halen... Oh boy. With much respect to bass players... does there really need to be more than 3 notes for a good bass line? none the less I will have to take a listen.