Sunday, August 19, 2007

I didn't post anything on Pop-o's Birthday but I spent the day with him on Saturday. It was great because I really missed my folks. I have been on a vacation in Colorado with my in-laws for a reception (more about that later).
I'd just like to dwell a bit more on my Pop-o.
Boy, is he the best. Popo works hard for his family. He isn't the most outgoing or showy of personalities but Popo can be very funny. The older I get the bigger kick I get out of spending time with him. I tell Momma, "I just like watching him because he's just such a goof-ball!"
Pop-o has always been the handsomest man I ever knew. I have compared his looks to Elvis Presley on occasion. People say he looks more like Raymond from, "Everybody loves Raymond," but he is really much more handsome than that.
Everybody knows that Pop-o is smart and is very successful but he also has a very big heart. He genuinely cares about the people in his life and has turned out to be a very fun Grandpa. Its not always easy to see how much Popo cares because of the aforementioned lack of showy but there are tells in the more subtle variety and he would do anything to ensure that the people he loves are safe from harm.
I have looked up to my father my whole life and know that when he is angry that he means business because most of the time he didn't pay any mind. So when he yells- I jump. Most the time he yelled because of something bad I had done to Mom. Popo was always the model of a protective and loving husband. I also admired my parents loving relationship and would take no less in my own marriage than the love my parents had.
Pop-o travels and enjoys fine things in life because he works hard to get those things. I hope you get to enjoy those things for another 50+ years Popo. Take care and I love you! Happy Birthday.

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