Friday, August 31, 2007

Day two of not working...

I'm on day two of not working. I start my new job at an elementary school on September 10th. Kent and I are working on a puzzle. Now all we have left is the annoying non-descriptive background peices to place.
Kent did most of it because he just can't walk away from the damn thing.
I already love this weekend because its so gorgeous outside.
HORRAY! for good weather!
Thanks to another burst of hormones I have added yet another pimple to my chin. Geez these hormones drive a girl nuts.
Me and "O" a.k.a. Olivia will probably discover someplace wonderful to walk and I will talk to her, "Who's the best dog in the whole world?" *Olivia looks up at me with her tounge half out smiling-rolls onto her back and wags her tail* It doesn't get much clearer than that folks!
I have a list of things I want to do today/this weekend:
  • Go for a walk with Olivia
  • Go to Radio Shack for a missing plug-in for my Ipod.
  • Shop for new light fixture for my bathroom. I need affordable!
  • Maybe pick out some paint colors?
  • Pick of car from the mechanic.
  • Visit Tanger Outlet Center's Labor Day sale.

There is more but I'm done listing things.

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