Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby class reunion

Lucia got to meet babies her own age today at our baby class reunion. It consisted of couples from our education class in January reuniting to share our stories with each other and a new class of pregnant couples. Lucia was the squirmiest baby and the only girl in the bunch. She was all arms and tried to touch everyone she could get her hands on!

It was really fun because we were the only "born on the due date" and "non-drug intervention" story there and well... No one had a birth like ours. There was a story of a late pre-term (baby born 5 weeks early) baby. One couple gave birth 4 days late. We all were excited to tell our stories and be on "our" side of the discussion panel. It was nice not being pregnant and having birth over and done. The baby class that we visited didn't have hardly ANY questions.

One couple was very environmentally conscious and wanted to know about cloth diapers. "Er... those are hard." I know a mommy who tried "G- Diapers" but I think even she resorted to the old reliable Pampers.

Anyway, its good to be home with daddy on a rare day off and just relax on this muggy sunny day in Iowa.


Anonymous said...

Wow...even a part of an expert panel...that's fun...what advice did Lucia have for those in utero? Duck!

Katy said...

JR- Don't pretend you are anonymous with me! I know that sense of humor when I see it.

Melissa- do you recognize one of these Mommies? Her son's name is "Furious".... Huh. Kinda differnt.

Mike and Annette said...

So happy to hear you enjoyed your special day. I'm sure Lucy was a big hit with all those other babies.