Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Since Mom and Dad refuse to post anything I guess I will have to. Josie, their new Rat Terrier mixed breed dog, got her mences this morning! I cut a hole in one of Lucia's diapers and stuck it on her and it fell off.
The funny part is that Mom just took her to the vet yesterday and he pointed out a scar and told her that she was already spayed. Mom called again today and the vet said, "Opps."
So mom and I headed to the Petco and picked her up some more diapers made specifically for doggies. She has already slipped out of that and is sleeping on top of their leather couch where mom also happens to be taking a nap. She is probably bleeding all over it.
For the sake of not humiliating poor Josie I won't post a picture of her but I can't help laughing! Mom said, "Why didn't you tell me?"
I said (speaking for Josie), "Well, mom, what more can I do? I was bitchy all last week!"
wat wat waaaaaaaa...


Katy said...

Let me just say that I choose this title because Mom has taken to the expression "OMG!". She's just so hip.

Rissa said...

Very Funny

Chet & Gini said...

Next thing you know, they will be feeding Josie at the table w/a spoon!

Anonymous said... can't seem to get away from those rat terriers! I think this is so funny. I can't wait to meet Josie.

Katy said...

JR- check out my parents blog to see a photo of Josie.