Sunday, October 30, 2005

Living in the present and planning for the future...
Well, here we are! These will probably be the two shots we choose. There were some alright outdoor shots but we really wanted a nice, "family portrait" and an official "engagement pic". There is a softer version of the "engagement picture" that I'm also looking at a lot.
I'm starting to really feel like I'm actually going to get married. Talk is cheap, right? But getting to a point where you start owing people? That's when you start feeling like, "IT HAPPENING!"
Anyway, I haven't been writing very much. When your life moves at a certain pace you are mostly thinking in the present. People who meditate say its important to think in the present. In order to do that you need to achieve absolute mindfulness. Aren't we living in the presence when we are moving so fast we are living moment to moment and don't even have the foresight to write to our loved ones and have lunch with our friends? This is what I like to call a bit of a slippery slope.
Or are you only really living in the present when you can eliminate all the cares and worries of our daily life. Has anyone actually done this through meditation? If I have achieved selflessness I'm not aware of it. My friend Sara said she thought she had during our final posture of yoga once and she ruined it by saying to herself, "I'm doing it! I'm actually meditating!"
I have become very relaxed. I've slowed my pulse and lowered my blood pressure but I don't know about selflessness.
Perhaps I'm too immature in my practice and it is something I'll achieve with a greater wisdom. Anyway, this is what I'm thinking about as I post these previews of Kent and my engagement pictures on my night off.


bschneider5 said...

Nice Photo's....Where's Kents hat?

sawbewitched said...

You two oh wait.... you three look great!! That is one of many things Brad and I did not do.
I don't really know why. Oh yes I do, it is because I hate getting my picture taken. :)