Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lost Treasure Found
The most mysterious and amazing thing happened to me today. After I put the quarters in the washing machine I bent down to load the dryer with wet clothes. When I popped back up the diamond earring that Kent gave me and that I lost was sitting on top the quarters for the washing machine. How bizarre? This earring is VERY important to me. I wore the set everyday. The back was difficult to keep on as they get loose from constant wear. I had lost the one earring once before and, after making plans to go to church with Gen, I looked down after hanging up and saw it in the corner of the floor in my bathroom. I thought that might have been a message that I need to go to church more often. I was thrilled then but am double thrilled today. I swore that it must have washed down my shower drain. Then out of nowhere in the hallway of my apartment building it pops up like the prodigal son? I swear it must have been on a trip to Europe and just climbed up on the coin slot to get my attention!
Well, this week came to a screeching halt as I'm home alone trying to collect my thoughts about everything that I need to do. As I see it they are:
1.) Research Seattle and determine good living areas.
2.) Write my Psychology paper
3.) Type and print out stickers for my slides for Antioch
4.) Laundry - done
5.) Dishes - done / clean apartment
6.) Research Art Therapy
7.) Sort through an entire foot tall pile of papers sitting by my desk (where does this crap come from?)
Moving to Seattle thing is really messing with my head. I wish there was something I could do to get my head in the right place. With everything that goes on in my day to day I feel like time is speeding past me and opportunity is swept away with it. When I get a day off as I have today I feel like I don't really want to do anything even though I know I have to.

I woke up with an allergy attack from hell this morning. To make myself feel better I took an allegra, sprayed my nose, took a shower and did what every girl needs when they are as tense as I am at the end of a hard couple of weeks full of work... I got my toes and fingers done. Gold for our Hawkeyes on the toes (that was actually unintentional) and pink on the fingers to stay girly.
I'm also looking in to going back to the gym to work out again (something else to fit in my schedule?!?!). We will see what they offer me. I e-mailed my request and I hope the return offer is in agreement with what I want to do. God knows that its going to start getting colder and colder and that bikeride to work is going to look less and less appealing.
So guys keep me in your thoughts and show me your support because I need to do this move! Kent and I need to step our lives up and this will not happen in Iowa City.
May all of you experience finding a lost treasure this week!

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thedeviluno said...

kinda hard to read this blog with the pink burning my eyes but its good to hear you got your earring back YO!