Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wedding Photographer- Check!
Well, I have a lot to report, thankfully, on my progress this week. As some of you know that I had quite a struggle last week. This week was much more rewarding. First of all, I met with a photographer and liked her very much. She will be taking our engagement photographs next Thursday (10/20). Iowa's autumn is peaking at the moment and we plan on getting some very nice outdoor shots as well as the formal engagement session indoors. Her name is Bonnie Stover and she operates out of her home in Cedar Rapids.
My package includes an engagement session, a pre-bridal session or love story of the couple and seven hours of wedding day coverage. Formals, prewedding candids, ceremony, after ceremony candids, and reception coverage will all be taken care of! She will take color portraits, candids, and black and white photojournalism. A teacher at Mark Twain referred her because she is so in love with her pictures and the album that she made for her. The album is 28 pages with all the best pictures from the day. Everything has a lifetime guarantee. Isn't that nice?
So, I'm very excited about our engagement session. We are going to take the day and go around some possible reception sites in Cedar Rapids. I know I have been talking a lot about the Art Museum in Iowa City but Kent wants something a little more rustic. Our relationship has thrived so much through travel and the outdoors that he and I really think it would be nice to incorporate this into our marriage. So there are I few places we can look into that could work. I want this to be Kent's day too. What makes him comfortable takes the pressure off me so I'm all for making him happy. We are going to stop by Palisades park, Squaw Creek (which is a golf course) and someplace called Touch of Class. We'll see how it goes.
I think most of all I'm thankful to have a little insight from Kent on the wedding, finally. In the hour that we talked about it I was able to settle on a color idea and really pull together a concept for the wedding, "Rustic Italian". So even if I don't get married at the Art Museum I think there is something out there that can make us both happy.


Anonymous said...

OK, so those are better reasons for changing your mind on the wedding/reception places. I hope you can find something suitable to both of you.
Love, Mom

bschneider5 said...

Make sure you smile!!!