Friday, October 07, 2005

When life plays dirty tricks
Do you ever think about what ironic yet cruel timing life can have? I was excited about finding my diamond earring not even a week ago but today I have lost my debit card. I didn't lose my wallet- just the card. I'm going crazy trying to find it. I last used it at Fareway foods store so I don't think it was sucked into a machine. I think its in my apartment somewhere. Anyway, the cruel timing thing is that I desperately need to deposit my paycheck today but bank out of town. Oh the cruel irony... I'm really wigging after the schedule of my last week.
I had appointments and classes up the hoo-ha. I have reached my out of apartment threshold and am experiencing withdrawal from cuddling up in a blanket with my honey at home.
So much is happening I can barely remember all my appointments. Luckily, I learned to schedule everything into my phone. An hour before each engagement an alarm goes off to remind me what I need to do next. Here are next weeks engagements:
1) Visit with photographer to review her Portfolio for engagement and wedding bookings. I am pretty confident with this one though as I have already seen her work today. A fellow Mark Twainian showed me her wedding pics and they were very nice. What I liked best was her candid shots. They showed the brides sense of humor and was sensitive to the bride and grooms personal importances.
2) Stamping Party! (Yes, I will plug your website, Brad, at the party).
3) A BBQ for a few of us Mark Twain employees! (hurray, stress relief)
4) Sadly, Kent's mom broke her hip in a tandem bicycle accident. I want to send her cookies and maybe make it up there to visit her. Get well soon, Elaine!
5) Doctor's appointment, yuck.
6) Regular scheduled classes and jobs, more yuck. Write a paper. Go to library to check out resources.
Here are the things I have on my mind:
1) Need to change oil in car and get brakes fixed.
2) Need to know when and where the hell my parents are moving in order to arrange the wedding. (Don't be surprised if I start thinking about pushing the wedding back or just getting hitched in Greece again. I mean, work with me people!) P.S. Kent doesn't like the idea of getting married at the art museum. Apparently, he doesn't have confidence that his friends will be able to behave themselves there. Sure... his friends.
3) I'm not seeing enough of my honey and I'm sad about it!!!! :(
4) Checking account in serious danger of being overdrawn.
5) Being poor... Forever.
6) Doomsday. The oceans are over flowing. The tectonic plates are moving. The economy is collapsing. The Bible belt is growing. Volcanoes are erupting. Forests are burning. The weather is destroying. The world is ending and everyone keeps smiling and making more babies. Argh. (Did that sound like the Willy Wonka boat song) AND THE ROWERS KEEP ON ROWING!!!!!!
On a positive note, here is what I'm looking forward to:
Thanksgiving surrounded by my big ole Ohioan family. "Weekend at Bernies" only Uncle Bernie will not be dead. I plan on really relaxing with my sweetie for this long weekend. I will enjoy the fall Ohio colors and drink some red wine with my family and eat good food. I will talk and laugh over pictures with my Grandma. I will get my toes done with my cousins Sam and Aileen. I'm pysched! I'm picturing Norman Rockwell only everyone is wearing harley shirts and is talking really loud.
That's really the only thing I'm looking forward to for the moment. My immediate family (Mike, Chris, Mom and Dad) has pretty much decided to not get together for any holidays. Pretty soon we will probably only see each other at 10 year reunions. See ya'll at the wedding!
Well, this blog is swiftly making its way to blah blah blah land so I better stop while I'm ahead. Did I sound over-exhausted?


sawbewitched said...

Have fun at your party. I sell that kind of stuff myself. It is so fun to do!

I can't wait for you two to get her either.It will be fun!

bschneider5 said...

Thanks for the plug Katie, Samantha is a Stampin' Up demo so you'll have to bring any crap, errr, stuff ith you at turkey time! Visit my new blog yet?

Sara said...

It's kind of ironic that all of the ads on your blog today are for direct deposit! :)

Chin up, Katy.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see one of your weekly events was the stampin party. IT was so nice that you could swing in and get crazy about stampin. I know I also had the yellow cabbage patch thermos but i don't remember my lunch pail. I think I got a brown bag with a note attached from my mom to have a nice day! Sparks

Anonymous said...

Katy, did I read this right and that you are no longer wanting to have your wedding at the art museum? I thought that was so perfect for you. I hope you have not given it up entirely.