Monday, October 09, 2006

To be off of on-call duty. That's all I'm going to say about that. Other than... I'm not a doctor and I sure as hell don't make money or have had the schooling of one... but being on call for a week at a time is hard.
I didn't realize how much it sucks life from one's soul until I found myself cuddled with my PS2 games just waiting for the next problem to find its way through the dreaded cell phone. Okay, now I'm done.
Kent was getting a little frustrated that I was so useless. To make up for it I've emptied the refrigerator and scrubbed it clean and like new, did the dishes and I'm going to make him steak for dinner.
Its hard for me to say anything about my life that isn't related to work right now...

So I will think of things I do want to do... this fall:

  • Drink mulled wine
  • walk through the Haunted Maize (corn maze set up like a haunted house)
  • drink something hot and spiked out of flask while going through maize
  • walk through haunted barn- get my wits scared out of me
  • make baked stuff
  • go to Kalona and Amana Colonies while the leaves are still bright!
  • Rent a pontoon boat and look at foliage from it while eating a tuna fish sub from Hungry Hobo
  • Sit in new furniture Kent and I ordered due sometime in November
  • go for a bike ride
  • Why does fall always make me want to drink Guinness chase it with Jamison Bailys and eat burgers?

New list to come for winter!


Mike and Annette said...

Too bad you could not be with Dad and I this past Sunday. We were on the sail boat but there was NO wind so we motored and floated. We did not eat Hungry Hobo Tuna sandwiches (my favorite subs) but we did have turkey sandwiches and sodas. And the colors were lovely. It was nice to be able to enjoy them at a nice slow pace instead of the windy conditions of the past few weekends.

Missy said...

We talked about taking the kids through a corn maize here in the desert - I am guessing that the mazes in Iowa are would be much better. Now the flask idea that is something to think about. Of course if I did that the rest of my day would be worthless.