Monday, October 16, 2006

Here is the house. Keep it on the DL. Kent takes a lot of convincing on this sort of matter... He wants to buy a crap house, pay it off in five years (Wa?) and then upgrade. I tell him- as first time buyers we should get something we can grow and settle into... Its a buyers market, blah... Everything my friends tell me (don't tell him I said that either). He never reads this thing anyway...
Also I'm working on the top ten ways to approach the subject of baby with your husband. In today's age everyone is on birth control. You really have to screw it up in order to get pregnant. Gone are the days of "Opps, sorry!" You see, that would be so much easier! If I get pregnant its because I tried. Also with BC being so low in hormones, ect... The chances of my doctor telling me I have to get off it are nil... So, Mom and I started a list:
1. "Honey, are we going to talk about having a baby or do you just want to be surprised?"
2. "Do you want to be 90 when your kid's in college?"
Please... Post away with your add ons.. I have a feeling this subject has potential to be pretty funny.


Chet & Gini said...

The house looks nice. I know alot of people who buy homes to fix up and sell, but you have to want to live there. Besides, even though it's a buyers market now, it's not really the time to be thinking of "flipping" a house. You also have to look at the neighborhood - Is it safe for kids? Regarding babies - just keep talking about it like it's a fact. Which room in the house is the baby's. Tell him you need to start buying stuff so you don't have to get in all at once (crib, car seat, etc.) Sooner or later he's going to start talking to you about it, if only in panic because he thinks its a done deal.

Missy said...

I got pregnant with Sarah on birth control. I got pregnant with Charlie b/c the doctor said I was "old" and high risk and he wouldn't prescribe it anymore. Terry kept insisting that he was going in to get the birth control taken care of, well he didn't do it fast enough. So - there are ways around it.
But - you can always;
- Buy a bottle of prenatals and leave them on the counter.
- But some EPT tests and lay them around.
- Start a savings account for the Baby's college fund.
- Have his mom start in on him.
- Talk like the baby is already here, "This is a nice yard for Fred to play in"

Mike Angie Patrick said...

The house looks/sounds very nice. Have you looked at it in person yet? Getting a fixer upper isn't as glamorous as one would think. Remember BD and our house that HAD to get fixed up when we found out I was pregnant with Patrick. Then it wasn't a choice but a necessity. Mike doesn't want to fix another one. Thus, the purchase of our house here needing NO work. It can certainly be a pain to live in and takes lots of time and effort.

Anonymous said...

What does BC have to do with you and Kent getting married? And why is he so low in hormones?

Rissa said...

~You could start taking antibiotics, Doc's give them out like candy and they lower the effectiveness of BC, then just tell Kent you didn't know.
~ Start wearing maternity clothes then burst into tears when he won't kiss your belly. or that could really scare him

sawbewitched said...

How cool! I hope everything works out for you. So it sounds like you are staying in Iowa? No more thoughts of moving?

I am not sure what to tell you about the baby thing. Good luck!