Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, I can check the Haunted Corn Maize off my list.
I went with the Barron girls, Genevieve and Rich and Sara's sister, Carrie.
Genevieve and Rich brought Joshua to the corn maize which added an extra element of silliness. Baby's first haunted corn maize. He was so cute in his jumper with a hood that looked like cat ears. He was fairly amused until he got hungry. The witch asked if he was going to be the baby to brew in her cauldron. He he.
The chainsaw guy dressed as "jason" was funny... he ran after us with his chainsaw and turned around and cooed at the baby.
There was a part with a bunch of scarecrows. Carrie was joking around that she was going to grab all their crotches to see if any of them were actual people and while she just started to do so- a real guy jumped out before she could get to his crotch.
We did put jamison and vodka in our hot choclates and got a little loopy... Gen was the DD. All in all fun was had by all. We were going to make our way over to the Haunted Barn but the line was over an hour long... Rich was waiting in the car with Josh for that one so we decided it wasn't worth the wait and strain on Rich in the car.
I got home in time to dutifully make dinner for my returning from work husband (pasta with marinara).
We can't wait for our new furniture. We're really moving up in the world! Secretly we also have our eyes on a house on Grant Wood St. (Or not so secretly now). I will try to post a pic of it later.
No more bachelor pad!

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Mike Angie Patrick said...

Looking at a house huh? Give details. We need to know. The corn maize sounds like it was fun. I was never into those though as it's too much like a puzzle. Never could quite find my way out and I'm WAY too jumpy!