Monday, April 17, 2006

unfortunately, this is as big as this picture gets but... Isn't my friend Kara in Australia cute?!!?
Today was my first official day at the new job... Also, today is my first official day of allergy season. I took generic allegra so I hope it kicks in soon. Anyway, other than the allergies, today went very smoothly. Nothing to complain about. I feel like fine about things. Still trying to get a hold on everything and all the people.
There are a lot of smoke breaks at this new job so I'll have to keep from getting in the habit of smoking (smoking is no good for allergies, neither). It was fun and the people are great. I think things will be fine.
Anyway, I have lots to do and I want a nap too so I better get to it.
Today was a good day. You know why? I started my new job, I got wedding RSVPs in the mail, AND Kent went grocery shopping! Also, notice the new blog in my links... Mike and Angie made a Blog!

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