Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hey all!
Well its about 4 pm on Sunday and I'm finally getting dressed and ready to go our of my apartment. I hate when that happens! You feel like you lost a whole day. I'm just telling myself that this is about the time when I'd be getting out of work and going for a walk so its really not so bad.
I did get up at 8 am if that counts for anything!
Yesterday was Genevieve's baby shower. She's supposed to be having a boy. They've had a hard time choosing a name but they seem to have agreed upon Joshua. I'm sure he'll be a nice sweet boy no matter what he's named and we'll all love him to pieces. So she's due within the next month sometime. There was lots of awesome food! Kebabs, eggrolls, Punsit (sp?, my favorite Filipino noodle dish- all made by Ophelia and Tita Leti), lots of fruit (compliments of me) and desserts (Susanne Nelson)! What a damn good spread! I'll post some of Genevieve's pictures as soon as she gets them developed (I was put in charge of the camera and ended up taking about 3-4 rolls of film- opps!). Melissa, Sara, and JR, worked on almost everything else! The big project of the shower is a quilt that Sara is working very hard on. All the guests colored squares for the baby with animals on them. I like Daddy Nelson's the best. He made his lion into a "sea Lion"! Very cool. I think it was a success!
Last night Kent and I registered for our wedding. He was let off of work around 6 pm so we went to
Dillards and Target. We had a good time. There are a lot f spoiling items on there we will probably not get. The only items Kent was excited for were the picnic basket, "magic bullet" and the kitchenaid mixer and attachments. Everything else was pretty much my doing. It was fun. I can see how it could be a bit addicting. You get to really shop and look at things like you were going to own them, do something that makes them yours (in a way), and then walk away without overdrawing your accounts (very fulfilling!).
There were dishware and flatware items that Dillards doesn't carry that we had to register for directly with
Lenox. I hope that doesn't get to confusing. We're going to talk to them about it and see if they can't get them in for us. Who knows.
Well, I owe my little Olivia a nice walk so I should get to it while the sun is up and shining brightly.
p.s. work is going really well. I have my own desk! Maybe I'll take a picture of it to share. I also have my first business cards! Keep praying for me because they keep telling me this job gets more difficult the longer you do it.


Mike and Annette said...

Looking forward to checking our your hearts desires. Good to hear you had a good week at work. And I will keep you in my prayers, but I am not worried. I know you will do fine.

Katy said...

Thanks Guys!