Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Need to Know Basis!
Muahahahaha! Another family member has joined us in our blogging! Chris is the most computer savy Obert and he has yet to create a site for himself! I think it is crucial that he start us one! Also, I'm hoping some of those Moyers in Cali get on board... and the Cinci Oberts... and my IC friends... and Gia... and Kara... and Katie D... Well, basically I want everyone to provide me information on a daily basis of what is going on in their world. I must know!!!


Chet & Gini said...

Katie - since you are the blog guru - how do you get those links on your blog - I would love for the boys to be able to go from one to the other.

Katy said...

you have to go into your template and write in the websites... if you e-mail me your username and password I can do it for you... I'll leave one like it is that says "Google Links" or whatever so you can see how I changed the link.