Friday, April 14, 2006

Iowa City got ripped open by a tornado last night. Everyone is pretty shook up but we're all fine. I think we are sad to see our beautiful town torn to shreds. Many businesses are suffering today and people are everywhere trying to pick up the pieces. I'm happy that all my loved ones were safe (still waiting to hear back from a few people). Find pictures here.
On a happier note, my brother Christopher found out they will be having a baby girl. They want to name her Madeline Sophia Obert (I may have spelt that wrong). I couldn't help but feel like Chris and his new baby girl is a little bit responsible for this crazy weather. Its sort of a running joke that Chris makes the weather go nuts (from various visits where he brought storms with him, ect). Maybe Chris' good news also brings storms with it.


Mike Angie Patrick said...

We are glad to hear you are safe.

clarkist said...

Just saw a news report up here in MN that showed some of the damage from the tornado and I thought of you. I'm happy to hear you are okay!

Tell Chris and his wife congrats on the baby girl! Is this his 1st? He's going to love being a parent.