Sunday, February 19, 2006

The final day unpacking the parents
Well, today was my last full day in Cedar Falls with the folks. I'll be going back to Iowa City tomorrow. There are more reasons why my mamma's crazy... Our family dog, Gracie, is very old, partly deaf, and blind as a bat. Mom and her have a very precarious relationship.
Today I witnessed the following senerio. Mom took Gracie out to go potty. Unfortunately, Gracie gets disoriented and takes some time before she realizes its safe to let go... Well, today mom forgot she was out there. Pop-o and I were upstairs. I was washing my dog, Olivia and he was trying to get the scanner on his computer to work. We kept hearing barking. Pop-o asked me, "Who's barking?" and I said, "Must be the neighbor dog." All along Mom was listening but couldn't remember Gracie was outside in the sub-zero weather of Cedar Falls. Finally Gracie kept barking long enough for her to realize. Folks, this is what happens when the blind leads the blind.
I actually think my Pop-o is going deaf too.. Maybe my mom's jibber jabber cause all who lives with her to go deaf. My dog, Olivia, is a willing listener. I was listening to Mom chat with her earlier today and was giggling. I was in the living room with Pop-o and asked him if he could hear them (my dog wasn't actually saying much). He smiled really big and said, "Well at least this time she talking to something... Usually she's just talking..." We had a laugh about that.
I didn't have any major discoveries today. I had an excellent breakfast, however (eggs benedict, bran muffin, and fruit - does life get any better?). Also we have a very good lead on some lanterns for the wedding. Considerably smaller than I wanted but they might be OK. Also, their affordable!

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