Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm here in Cedar Falls at my parents' lovely new house. Yesterday, I went through boxes of my old stuff and have more to go through still. The most difficult thing to get rid of was bags and bags full of letters and cards from my childhood through high school and then into college. I have saved EVERYTHING and didn't even know it.
Its alright though. At least I'm not like my mother who has saved boxes and boxes of unopened happy meal toys. I'm a bit worried about her actually. My first thought was, "Man, Mom ate a lot of fast food". But then I remembered her obsession with happy meal toys was so deep that she actually never ate the food very often and that she actually gave that food to Gracie, the family dog. She used to tell me that Gracie would look depressed and she would buy her a happy meal. Well folks, now you know where I got my ideas of comfort food from! Above is a goofy picture of my moher to illustrate how crazy she is...
Things I'm most excited about taking back home are my cowboy boots, my art restoration projects, and my swatch watches. Mostly, because I want to sell the watches on e-bay. I also have a myriad of stuffed animals that make me sneeze to sort through. I could sell these as well. Its a dilemma.
Pop-o also wants me to take the slides back with me from our family vacations, ect. I have a slide scanner so that I could make them into computer files for keepsaking. However, Mom and Pop-o have about 60+ boxes of slides at about 80-140 slides per box... Now THAT'S a project!
Well, the folks are up now. Olivia got to sleep with them last night. I'm guessing their bed looked more appealing and well, Mom and Pop-o did spoil her all yesterday. Not to mention the coffee is READY! Time to spend another day in the lap of luxury.

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