Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Things that make you go Poo.
Are there certain places or things that you do that make you automatically have to go "#2"?
While I sit here in the office of the BG I'm reminded that I always have to go at about this time down here in this basement office... Is it is the coldness of the office, the quiet, or the fact that I'm underground?
My money is on the quietness... I say this because the other place that makes me need to go poo is in the library. I often wonder as I'm squeezing my cheeks together in the library if everyone else has the same problem and if they do how many #2-s does the library see in a day? I bet it would be a high percentage of the total number of visitors there.
Often driving makes me have to go #2. Is it the motion of the vehicle?
I have never been a very regular person so i can never prepare myself for a #2. I can get into a number of "sticky" situations.... Friends who know me too well- "Keep your traps shut".

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