Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here are some more ideas for hairstyles. I can't even decide between up or down. I'm starting to understand the things that interest me and don't interest me and the things that just scare me to death about wedding planning...

Things I like:

Food, Cake, decor, theme, site scouting, flowers

Things I dislike:

music, DJ, invitations

Things that scare me to death:

My dress, beauty in general (hair, nails, makeup)... I know on the day it will be fun... but trying to get it right is a little overwhelming- I went to prom my sophmore year with a nice boy named Russ. I decided to wear my hair up... I ended up with a huge alien head. The problem? The hair didn't interact with the rest of me... It became a show of itself. I don't want this to happen to any one element of my appearence.


bschneider5 said...

I like the top right image the best.

sawbewitched said...

Katy that is why you make appointments with your hair dresser for a test run before the big day. Start early incase you don't like it and need to go in to do it again. Take your camera incase you do like it so you remember what it looked like. Usually they don't charge the full amount for a test run. Just a thought.