Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well, another day of going through boxes and boxes of memories. Today Mom and I found my old Cabbage Patch Dolls. Growing up these with my most prized possessions. This is probably why my brothers enjoyed torturing them (preferably in my presence) so much. My mother made bags full of cabbage patch clothes. I wanted to play dress-up so bad. I kept my African American girl cabbage patch, my red head with a tooth, my premie, my blond yarn haired cabbage, and last but not least, the only doll I actually remember the name to... Eldon Adon. My very first cabbage patch doll that I actually adopted in the presence of witnesses and swore to always love. Unfortunately, during the ride home after adopting him I stuck him out the window of the car to show the world my new baby and the wind frizzed his hair. I have three or four boxes of crap I want to keep but have no idea what to do with. Yikes! I still haven't found the ultimate booty... My baby blanket that my grandmother (I think) made for me. It was a quilt with blue satin lining and pink and blue flowers on top. I hope it pops up. The only other thing I can think of is that I left it at the professor's house (Where I lived shortly), the Stromer's house (also about a month or two of residence), or the Lowens... I don't think they have it because you can always count on SLo to notice something like that. My Mom is on the hunt for her knives and a antique mantel clock... There are more discoveries to be made.

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I enjoy reading your blog. I keep coming back for more...Keep writing and good luck !