Saturday, February 04, 2006

Well the cake is settled. The first baker I went to was in Cedar Rapids/Marion called Jules Bakery. I wasn't happy with the woman's approach to the customer relationship. She was more interested in making obstacles rather than solutions. Coming from a working background in a bakery as I have, I have come to know a lot of pastry chefs. There are those prima donnas who like to tell you what you can't do just to make themselves look smarter and holy-er than thou. I think the woman at Jules bakery was of this variety.
Anyway, my future mother in law gave me the name of a very nice woman who operates a bakery and catering business out of her home in Mount Vernon call Carol's Bakery. I met with her and I got along with her instantly and we got to talking about caterings and the business, ect., in no time. She was very solution orientated to what I wanted. She made Kent and I up a very nice sample cake of what we wanted: Hazelnut cake with a fudge frosting (unlike Jules who knew I wanted that but when I showed up to taste her cakes she just gave me her typical sample package of Red velvet, Pink champane, white and chocolate with buttercream icing). Carol's cake was AWESOME!!! It was exactly what I wanted: Something without buttercream icing (blech) that wasn't too sweet and had a good Italian flavor. My favorite chocolates while I was in Italy were the Baci. Baci are hazelnut flavored/mixed into chocolate. I think I actually saw pieces of hazelnut in the cake! Isn't that cool?... And its cheaper than the original bakery!
I'm having a bit of a problem with my "enter" key on this blog today. That can be rather annoying.
Anyway, Kent, My bridemaids, Melissa and Genevieve, and the reader, Sara all got to taste the cake. We all agree that it's awesome. I still have some left that I wanted to share my future parents-in-law and my momma and Popo but I don't know when they will have opportunity to do so.
I promised I would write a nice long blog for my friends who are all embarrassed because of the big picture of the woman in underwear that I posted. I guess a lot of you like to read this blog while at work. Sorry to all of you out there who have had to close out of this blog as if its a porn site because of the underwear picture. You know me... I don't really think about crap like that very often.
Anyway, Its saturday and I have a growing list of things in my head that I need to do.
2. Call hotel and reserve rooms for night before the wedding.
3. Find DJ
4. Find music for wedding/ musicians
5. Register (maybe at Dillards and Target?- Haven't really decided yet)
6. Go to Houseworks and look for aforementioned votive lanterns that someone spotted for the reception.
7. Go to grocery.
8. Put air into stubborn European style tires on bike. Not as easy as you'd think.
9. Clean out car including putting away X-country skis that I've been toting around in hopes of more snow.
That's my list so far... But as I said, it keeps growing.
There has been lots of news in the Obert family lately. So if you haven't talked to any of us lately you may want to give us a call. Not me in particular but my parents and my siblings. I don't feel at liberty of sharing their news yet for them so I leave that up to them if they want to post, ect.
Well, better get back to cleaning. Happy Saturday!

p.s. While looking through a baby names book for my friend Genevieve I found out that Obert is a first name for a boy that means bright in Welsch or something. I had no idea. So I guess if Kent and i have a baby I could name hime Obert. I'm rooting for the name Sean Richard Nelson for her even though I might have to use the name Sean too. I probably wont tho'. What if I named my son Otis Obert Olson and his initials were O.O.O. Would he hate me forever? I had a friend Matthew David Davis who was mad that his parents gave him a middle name so close to his last name.
Here is a list of names I like for my children of "someday"
Olivia, Madison, Kelsey, and Grace-Annette for a girl.
Otis, George, Sean, Gregory, Antonio, or Jude for a boy. (I also like the name Levi but I have that name in mind for someone else.)

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