Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Smoking and Health Resolution

Alright, I felt bad about the whopper and the chinese food. I went for a run tonight and exfoliated my skin. I'm on the road to recovery... Its amazing the difference you feel when you stop working out. I will drag my ass out of bed tomorrow and continue to steer clear of sleeping-my-life-away-junk-food-eating-Telly-watching-no-good-lifestyle.
I will also try to monitor drastically a very natsy habit that I have been forming at my new job of turning occasional smoking during nights out with the girls into joining co-worker-smokers outside every hour for a break of smoking and talking and then carry that over to non-working hours adding up to a whole day of smoking like I'm a chimmney. I will not smoke unless I'm drinking. Smoking is a very nasty habit that I have been lucky enough to turn off and on at my discretion my whole life. I do enjoy smoking now and then but prefer not to, escpecially do not find smoking in the company of non-smokers necessary.
Kent, on the other hand, does smoke... around smokers or non. He needs it or is hell to live with. I hope when he finally does quit we are able to stay together. Usually, when he tries to quit - he's such a bear to live with I almost feel relief when he gives up. That's the horrible truth of that. When we have a baby I'm sure we're really going to have to nail this topic down. I do not want my babies first thoughts to be, "when can I get my hands on some of those ciggerettes like mom and dad?". I think when kids are around smokers they definitly want it earlier.
Well, that just turned into a smoking topic. I hope you enjoy. I know many of my friends and family struggle with smoking. Some of us truely enjoy it and some of us need it so much we don't even remember enjoying it.

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