Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is what the chapel will look like as you are driving up to it. Its in the middle of nowhere. I'm getting pretty excited. I just need to remember to breath (or something). I have been talking to a lot of people either at work, or my clients and their parents, or friends and they all want to know... "Are you nervous?" "Are you excited?"

I feel the same thing I felt before going to Italy for a year. I feel nothing. I'm going through the motions and just, "Doing it"... I'm tired a lot lately. That should change now that I'm done with work until after Cancun. I was running around so much. I feel emotional a bit more. I feel confident.

I need to get back into a workout routine. I have been out of it for about a week now. I've also been off my diet. I guess you could say I hit a brick wall with everything.

So today I ate a Whopper *gasp*. Yesterday I had Chinese (opps).

I'll get back on the wagon. I'm usually a very motivated person but when I convince myself that I'm tired then its all bets off. Now I just need to convince myself that I'm not tired anymore.

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Rissa said...

The whopper is forgiveable. I just last night had a quarter pounder meal w/ a chocolate shake. I too ran this morning!